Judge Sotomayor has Unconstitutional Opinions

May 27, 2009

When a judge will not try to hear the fireman opinion with high marks on a test score and ignores them because they are not a minority this is unconstitutional.  The Congress and thus everyone else cannot set up “royalty” or “nobility” as a criteria for judging a case.  This is a direct violation of the thinking which John Adams, one of the signators of the Declaration of Independence and a signatore of the United States Constitution was adamant about.  He did spend quite a bit of time in Paris, France just waiting to be invited to London, England to make the case for the United States and the drafting of and signing of a Treaty to end the War of Independence. 

Thomas Jefferson also quite literally so eloquently addressed the reasons why “Nobility” should not be a consideration in determining what a final judgement should be.  I actually am offended that the Democratic Party still insists on being connected with Thomas Jefferson when he is totally and radically different than the Democratic Party as it is today.

Judge Sotomayor should not be confirmed.  She considers her blood to run blue and the United States Constitution cannot recognize “blue” unless one is not from this country.   

The Senate should reject Judge Sotomayor and if they do not then all of the Senators should be voted out of office at the next election cycle.   Not being able to understand the Constitution is a Concrete reason not to re-election an individual.  Abiding by the Constitution is one of the Charges of a Senator and of a Jurist and of the President.  Come to think of it now President Obama has violated the spirit of the Constitution twice.  The first time was when he told the Bond holders of Chrysler “tough” you will take the deal and get to the back of the bus.  This created nobility of the Unions and also was a violation of the Constitution by the Administration from breaking Contract Law which is specifically written as a violation of the Constitution.