Mayor McGinn’s Elect Committee Goal Requirements

November 20, 2009

Our Cities Goals in reference to Mr. McGinn’s Committee Goal Requirements

  • How do we build the strongest possible team to achieve the policy objectives and values set forth by the campaign (grass roots community involvement, transparency and neighborhood focus)?
  • How do we build public trust in the new administration?
  • What do you view as the incoming administration and the city’s greatest challenge — what should the new administration do first out of the gate?
  • 1)  Every team will have a completely different composition. This is of no small notice. However, also the reason for the team will be completely different also. The eventual function of the team or should I say the responsibility or end will vary. This will determine what is or will be needed. The City Attorney Peter Holmes was on a team. Some of the outside members disdained his comments on the team or committee. However, after interviewing him for the electoral process he did have direction and focus. This was absolutely counter to what was being or perceived as to what should be addressed by those very people who set the committee up. From a business and organization standpoint all organizations will start out conservative and grow to being liberal. This is just a constant when setting up organizations. I do see that a good rule is to get a great variety of personalities assembled on the various commities. Setting up a conservative on the committee will refocus the efforts of a committee back to its beginning days. By the definition of conservative this would include different aspects of being conservative. Both fiscally and mentally. A person who is focus and driven is another individual who should be on such a committee. This is to keep the committee focused on a task and a person who has the ability to outline what that focus should or should not be. This would be paramount to any type of organization as the committee will always have a desire to trail off to some other endeavor or alternative focus. The off course you always need to have that individual who has the capability to be able to communicate with those outside of the committee. Without this capability there will be no need for the committee. There will be no finalization of a task which could be shown to the outside the committee world. No communication will equal no finalization or reality of purpose for the committee. This person should be the spokesman for and know how and who to communicate the findings to. This person will also be able to refocus the committee for clarification when needed so communications of importance can be assembled, gathered, and discussed. Without this communication one should be able to go to the Woodland Park Zoo and be able to get the same information one could collect from the zoo animals. Nothing!! Finally there should be someone who has the capability to actually do any type of math or legal or accounting type of calculating. This will keep the committee on track and will help in the organizational characteristics which would be legally, and accounting wise needed. There are of course other as addressing to ones personality. One who is an introvert and calculating and the extrovert who talks about everything but the subject at hand. But at least get the above so a well functioning committee can have some basis. Then finally the individuals who actually do have educational backgrounds for the subject matter at hand. Do not have on a committee someone who does not have children and require them to understand a matter concerning education for children. But do have someone on an education committee to counter the outspokenness of those who are passionate about children and could quickly get side-tracked from teh fundamental goal of a committee.

    2) At the present time the building of trust for the City of Seattle is completely lacking outside of the City of Seattle. Foolishness from the past in rural Eastern Washington has left an semblance of trust on the riverbed being flushed down the stream by those citizens. The City of Seattle does either adversely or inadvertently affect other citizens from the far reaches of the State. This should continuously be kept in mind. Communication and immediate communication of what is happening is the key to all lengthy building of any type of trust. This must be vigilantly pursued and in the past I believe it has not. Committees which report one thing and get feedback from the citizens and further communication is not received back do have a communication trust problem. Mr. McGinn you should recall at the Southeast Seattle and especially at the Central Seattle area when at the Seattle Vocational Institute forum the citizenry just wanted to be left alone. They did not want to be harassed by the government and only when they desired communication would this be O.K. Sometimes the healing process can be difficult and burdensome. This seems like this could be one of those times. To forge ahead with standard as usual should not be the norm of the course which needs to be taken. Regular and frequent communication in both directions should be the policy. Feedback from the citizenry is important. There are four legs to government and not three. By developing and enforceing that communication to and from the fourth leg trust can be developed and forged for a new tomorrow and a stronger tomorrow also.

    3) The biggest challenge is each one of the challenges. In the past all committees were separate and no communication would be talking with another. The thesis of a new tomorrow will have to be developed with communication to Seattle citizens, and those who are outside of the normal spectrum of communication. I am referring to communication to the rest of the State as well. This would strengthen not only our tourism but if done properly would strengthen our communication with the legislature. The Tunnel is an example of non-consistent communication with the legislature and establishing the City as the preferential needs basis City of the State. With proper communication and openness perhaps by accomplishing our Cities goals our goals can also be accomplished.

    Let’s get our goals looked and have betterment for our City.

    Source of transitional questions:


    Assessors Office cuts in Budget need to include Capital Improvements for Stronger Efficiencies

    November 19, 2009

    If the Assessors Office needs to cut expenses this is how I would cut the expenses.

    The predicament which the King County Assessors Office is currently facing is the Assessor is a new assessor and coming into the Office.  Skills from other areas will be carried forward but to have to cut a budget prior to taking office is a new one.  Traditionally is the Chief Operating Position or CEO position a new executive does get the privilege of looking at products, personnel, marketing, finances, etc. for a two or three month period of time.  During this time assessments and what needs to be done are assembled.  Then after that period of time, personnel, marketing or product mix have been evaluated and cuts are made.  The axe falls quickly and swiftly but there is a time whereby a true assessment of the company mix can be accumalated and formulated for a more refined mix of all types of company assets. 

    Mr. Lloyd Hara is not being given this luxury so what I sat down and did was formulated some of my own thought which I believe Mr. Hara may want to consider but these would only be somethings which may want to be considered.  In no way would I require these to be mandatory but rather only suggestions.  I always have health that ideas can amount to about twenty or so and then maybe one, two, or three of those ideas may be actually sound enough to be considered.  Again, I have not seen the books of what needs to be done nor have I had a tour of the operations nor have I even had an education course on the art science of appraising.  I have taken a real estate class and a mortgage processing class however.  These are completely and utterly different from the process of assessment however.

    I do wish Mr. Lloyd Hara his best efforts in being able to cut his budget and wish his best efforts in its refinement.  I do not in the remotest know his efforts will be painless.  Without being able to know what was at stake how can one know what can be eliminated.  Again, I would however, try to see if production standards can be increased by capital improvements.  Capital improvements do cost money but cuts in manpower are the greatest saver of expenses and the replacement of manpower can be and easily be replaced by equipment which makes the personnel more productive.  An easier process through the use of equipment is also the road to a happier workplace. 

    Here are some of my ideas on what could possibly be considered to reduce or replace man-hours in the King County Assessors Office.           

       1)  If the people walk from one location to another then time could be reduced if the distance of time is reduced from one location to the next. 

    a)  You may need to get those same travel machines which the parking enforcement has.

      b)  Or you could get completely electric vehicles so no fuel is being used whatsoever.  The engines would not be being idle all day long.  Found this at the car show this last weekend.  The greening of America should be coming out of the county budget as an extra.  If man-hours can be diminished via this method then the task could take less time.  I would experiment with one vehicle or two and then see if the appraisers get more done or how much less the cost of maintenance is.  That has to be one of your largest expenses also is the cost of fuel.
    MC Electric Vehicles
    Ty Rice
    1200 South Dearborn Street
    Seattle, WA 98144
    I told a CEO and Chairman of the 1400 largest U.S.A. company that different companies have different equipment due to the size of the operations.  A smaller company will be people intensive and rely upon machinery which is less costly but more people intensive.  This is because capital is more scarce for the smaller business.  This way the small company would be able to compete with the larger company which has to rely upon larger more costly equipment.  The capital intensity give more profit but the working man hours are less and thus the workers are more productive.
    2)  The other way would be to find out if instead of an assessment once every six years is if the assessment can be made once every seven or eight years.  I would assume this is being set by statute at the present time.  Petition the legislature next year for this change.  Or ask the King County Council to do this.  This is spreading the budget by reducing the work load. 
    3)  If you are being charged for work space in a downtown building can you lease or get another office throughout King County where the appraisers could be stationed.  Perhaps if appraisals are happening in say the south end of the County get a one year lease and offices and equipment would be located in a temporary one year office.  Citizens could or should also be able to get hearings in that office space as well.  This would be centrally located for the benefit of the appraisers and centrally located for citizens until that areas appraisals are completed.  Another location for one or two years could be lease in another area.  I also know that Mastro Properties has some vacant property which could be leased and probably for a great price.  I have Mr. Mastro’s personal number in my car or could get this quickly if needed.
    4)  The other way to do this is lease properties in different parts of the county.  A separation or smaller area each year would be appraised.  Thus you could have four different smaller areas.  This and hte above would reduce on the commuting of appraisers and they would have a better more defined area which they would be working from.  I mean you could even sub-divide this down to where two or three appraisers work out of an office and then the office is closed and moved.  I would not think that the paperwork would have to be submitted but once a week to the downtown office.  Someone could either pick this up as a courier or the appraisers could hand deliver the paperwork to someone downtown.  Or you could have a downtown processing center for this object.     

    President Obama steps down to Chairman of UN Security Council Post

    November 1, 2009

    President Obama on November 2nd, 2009 has been forced to step down as President of the United states of America. 

    His post for being the Chairman of the United Nations Security Council post will last one month.  Mr. Obama will resume his duties as President of the United states of America following his one month tenure with the United Nations. 

    During this time, as per the United states Constitution, Vice President Biden will be the acting President and will assume all roles as signing of bills and as the Commander in Chief of all Armed Forces of the United states and of the United states Navy. 

    This action has not been done previously by any acting President but the United states Constitution mandates the procedure for a President who assumes another post by any other foreign nation or organization such as the United Nations. 

    Normally Congress and only Congress would have the power to acknowledge and permit a seated President from accepting and acting in another United states government post.  However, since the post has not been authorized by the Congress this thus means that Mr. Obama must and has given up his duties as President. 

    Normally the President would appoint an Ambassador to fill this post.  Interviews for acceptance and acknowledgement of skills by Congress must be made.  Congress must approve all Ambassadors except when Congress i s not in session then the President can appoint an Ambassador to fill the post until Congress next comes into Session.

    Mr. Obama, I hope you enjoy your stay at the United Nations and enjoy New York at the same time.

    Perhaps the Queen of England may get upset at a President or other head of state being able to direct her troops at will. 



    Congressional Act required for Obama to Receive Nobel Peace Prize

    October 12, 2009

    President Obama must receive permission from Congress in order to receive and accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  Otherwise he is breaking the U.S. Constitution, again.

    Article I, Section 8.

    No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

    From Bloomberg/Yahoo:


    There were 205 names submitted for this year’s prize, the highest number in the award’s history.  The winner is selected by a committee of five people elected by the Norwegian parliament.  The prizes for literature, chemistry, medicine and physics, are picked by the Stockholm-based Nobel Foundation.

    So what the above is indicating is:  Since the Norwegian Parliament has established the committee by election the award is coming actually from the Sovereign State of Norway and not from the Nobel Prize Committee.  Any “present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State” then must be approved by Congress first in order for the President of the United States to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. 

    This is simple basic and to the point.  Now let’s make sure that Congress does indeed pass a resolution which specifically states that President Obama is able to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.  He cannot accept the Nobel Peace Prize without first receiving permission from Congress.

    On the other hand, I do not understand why someone would be receiving a Peace Prize for 11 days in office.  This actually sounds like a payoff to me.  All of the other recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize have been Democrats.  Even when President Reagan created the greatest Peace in the world by “tear down this wall”  between the two Germanys no Peace Prize was forthcoming. 

    Does a President really need to receive the embellishments of a foreign country in order to establish justice for the United states.  I do not think so.  So perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize is just a cover to receive a payoff and a bribe. 


    R-71 litigation

    August 29, 2009

    With a lawsuite against R-71 at this time is just a delay tactic and expense tactic by the opposition.  The controversy is not over the signatures or the number of signatures but rather that the signature of the signature gatherers were not included on a vast majority of the R-71 petitions.

    All of the ones which I submitted did have a signature on the back of the form however.  I did not get paid for gathering signatures on R-71 like everyone else.  No one got paid for gathering signatures for R-71.  I did notice Larry Stickney and his son got paid for their effort in coordinating this effort however.  

    The Washington Secretary of State demanded to have included on inititatives and referndums a section for the signature and printed name of  “paid” signature gatherers. 

    Since there were no “paid” signature gatherers the lawsuite/litigation is a waste of time and effort but only if not for the delay and expense factor.  The opposition to R-71 are spending money in an effort to get attention for their cause.  This is extremely common with political maneuvering and only in that context commendable. 

    In other contexts this could be extremely dangerous.  Publicity by the opponents could counter-swing and backfire.  Attention to this matter could stimulate the R-71 base and accentuate the need to the “NO” vote supported by R-71 supporters.  I would have left the issue silent instead of stirring the “hornets nest”.  But as a supporting I am proud of getting the FREE  PR on behalf of my opponents. 

    It does look like the number of signatures needed to pass R-71 (120,577) will be concluded on Monday afternoon.  With 7693 left to count and 5994 left for needing to be passed that would leave a margin of 1699 which could be still rejected and thus a rejection possibility rate of  22.0851%.  The average reject rate to dte is 11.86% for the other signatures which are already counted.  Also, with a possibility of 54 being added because of previously being rejected due to the Signature Image being Pending due to various county images being difficulty to read by the State auditors.

    The intermediate news should come on Monday for passage.

    What part of the Russian submarine Kursk is not known here.  “Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead.”  In this case who holds the gold and are the nuclear weapons armed.  But unlike the Kursk the prayers of the various Churches will have a different type of emergency to them.  How will God perceive their prayers.  All civilized citizens of the world had their prayers united for the crew of the Kursk though.  But this time I know that both sides will be praying for their outcome.

    Brownshirts and the Long Knifes or History Repeating

    August 27, 2009

    Some  issues with the Brown Shirt’s seem to be repeating themselves.  Is this just coincidence or human nature.  Whatever the cause is attention to details and possibilities need to be carefully scrutinized.

    First, I looked at a story concerning the brownshirts and the day of the Long Knives.

    The History Place

    The Triumph of Hitler.

    “Many of the working-class men who made up the SA truly believed in the ‘socialism’ of National Socialism and wanted tograb their share of Germany’s wealth, at the expense of someone else, and if necessary by force.”

    “The Army agreed to provide weapons and transposrts, but would remain in their barracks and let the SS handle things.”

    “By June 25, the German Army had been placed on alert.  All leaves were canceled and the troops were confined to barracks in accordance iwth the secret Himmler agreement.”

    Believing that he was in danger of losing everything, Hitler sent Goring back to Berlin and authorized him to begin plans to put down the SA and the conservatives.  Himmler’s SS was also put on full alert.”

    “SS  execution squads along with the Gestapo and Goring’s private police roared through the streets hunting down SA leaders and anyone else on the prepared enemies list (later called the Reich List of Unwanted Persons).”

    ” Kurt von Schleicher, former Chancellor of Germany and one-time master of political intrigue, who had helped topple democracy in Germany and put Hitler in power.  He was attempting a political comback, possibly at Hitler’s expense.  He was gunned down in his home along with his recently-wed wife.”

    “…seventy-seven had indeed perished.”  

    “If anyone reproaches me and asks why I did not resort to th eregular courts of justice, then all I can say is this:  In this hour I was responsible for the fate of German people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the German people!” 

    “The Brownshirts ceased to be a threat to Hitler and over time all but disappeared into the regular Army after Hitler re-introduced military conscription.”

    Yes, the above was one method of consolidating power.  Treachury, piousness, deceit, power, murder, mayhem, debotchery, sex, lust, ambivolence, and of course greed.  What more could you want.  A football game or a rugby game.  Some would say their is no difference.  An internal civil war which echoes across the borders.  The first to go were the homosexuals, and the leaders.   The pawns were left to themselves.  However, the pawns were the initial instigators of the destruction.  The brownshirts.  Were they acting in defence or were they just hulligans.  Were they social changers or disturbers of the peace.  Were they thugs or forceful enforcers of the norms of a civil society.  Are their any current countries which are looking like this. 

    Heated arguments between the President and/or leader/Secretary of a department.  (Obama and cabinet leaders.)  Killing to finalize the enforcement of a rule.   (War of the Roses, between the House of Stuart and the House of Windsor which continues to this day.)  Not wearing clothes which everyone can tolerate (no belt on a pair of pants so they bag to the knees).

    Can the working-class believe in socialism or health care.  Is this trying to grab a piece of the wealth of a country at the expense of the country or is this at the expense of someone else.  Germany did not have that much wealth at that time but was getting more prosperous.  Was the capitalists class withholding medical comforts or health benefits so they could get further ahead.

    Do we need a preventative law which says soldiers cannot be detained in their barracks without any cause.  What is to prevent this from happening again.  Would the deployment of seven out of ten aircraft carriers to the other side of the world in essence be the same creation as isolation in barracks.  They are out of the way and cannot fight the opposition in time. 

    Can a middle of the road liberal fight conservatives and ultra liberals at the same time.  After all, does this really mean their is no middle ground.

    Airlines have an enemies list.  If an enemies list which contains radio talk show hosts, should this be a warning that political problems might be melding out of control.  Can a radio talk show host really be on a List of Unwanted Persons.  Great Britain seems to think so.  Is something internal happening that no one really knows about.

    Political people or prosecutors dying for unapparent reasons.  Should we be alerted when this happens.  Should this be a National Police Investigation or a Local or State Police Investigation. 

    When Nixon said he was the law was this just a repeat of Hitler’s speech  or was this really a notice that inside forces were at work beyond his control which could have even involved the judicial branches. 

    Brownshirts, when worn at Halloween was this a code word to internal political unrest or uncertainty in the Monarchy.  Was this really a statement of rebellion or a code word to signify unrest in the Queens Court.  Afterwords we saw waving of flags of the House of Stuart and not from the House of Windsor at Queen Elizabeth’s latest birthday celebration.

    When we have a rogue element capture three SCUD missiles on the high seas but they are not white which would be the required color for a sea based missle something is not right.  Curiously the missles were taken from a $2 million load of logs off of a rogue vessle.  This vessel traveled through the English Channel which is 23 miles at its widest point and it could not be visually seen passing through and all of the satellite detection was turned off.  On top of the White Cliffs of Dover I myself was able to see France.  Is the eyesite of Englishmen not that good any more.Is there a problem.   Where is the security.  Any stealth ships available.  Were all of the countries satellites out of commission.

    If the three nuclear weapons are in Virginia who has those now.  Are there any rogue elements in the United States which are trying to grab power.  Do they think they are defending the United States or are they trying to defend their territory as they previously had under another administration.  The SS were loyal to Hitler and the SA were loyal to Rohm.  The military or army was loyal to yet another facton or government leadership.  With a yet unsolved mystery of a birth certificate are some elements of the military loyal to other forces which they do not know they should be loyal to.  Are they loyal to the Constitution and until the resolution of the birth certificate they cannot be loyal to the President but they are holding back because they must be loyal to either their governor or the People.

    What is going on? Can anyone really answer this question with definity.

    Health Insurance Coverage

    July 22, 2009

    Health Insurance

    As an adjustment on the Form 1040 or 1040A and possibly the Form 1040EZ.

    Have taxpayers include the health insurance costs and possibly the cost of medical expenditures as an adjustment on the front page of the 1040, etc.

    Or as an adjustment to the 1040, etc. for the medical insurance and the costs of medical expenses to continue as an itemized deduction amount but without the 7.5% adjustment. The 10% AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) amount should stay however due to the reason for the purpose of the AMT.

    Have a Form 1098-H for the health insurance costs for verification in the following year.

    Also, use the Form 1098-H for nursing home expenses. In this way a senior citizen with $70,000 in nursing home costs would not have to file an income tax return. Increase the filing requirement by the amount of the nursing home cost coverage.

    The health insurance coverage adjustment could possibly reduce the Adjusted Gross Income amount and may change the Earned Income Tax Credit amount. Or this could artificially also modify the earned income so wages were reduced. This would increase (usually) the amount of earned income.

    The number of covered dependents would be included on the Form 1098-H to verify the number of dependents. This could be compared with the dependents on the tax form so overstating of dependents on the filed tax return would be reduced.

    The objective on the above is to reduce the necessity for the Health Coverage Crisis and the actual payment by the individual taxpayer would continue. An alternative before the people which is simple would be achieved.

    CAUTION: In the early 1990’s an additional amount of $500 and maybe $100 per dependent was included in the Earned Income Tax Credit. Fraud was found to be rampant the the extra insurance amount paid by the EITC was dropped. Thus the reason for a Form 1098-H so concrete verification could be done. Or an electronic payment to these individual medical insurance coverage providers or employers could be made.


    Keith Ljunghammar, EA