Terry Bergeson

August 19, 2008


I am endorsing Terry Bergeson for Director of Public Instruction for the following reasons:

 1)  Your cutting of the budget for the WASL and still being able to adhere to the having effective test results necessary for the true results which a test should give. An administrator which cuts a major cost in half must always be given a second and third look of approval.

 2) Your test still tests with true and false and multlpal choice.  But the rigors of testing with an essay style and fill in the blank is an uncompromising characteristic of some of the top Universities in the country.  True results can only be seen if the rigors of test can prove the worth of the student and the worth of the high school and the attending and tested student. 

 3)  Endorse your getting of a $60 Million grant for the improving of reading scores in the lower performing and disadvantaged academic school systems in Washington State.  You have had dramatic improvements and am looking forward to your continued redeployment of those achievements in the rest of the Washington State School systems.

 4)  Am looking at the continued extension of Larry Ishmael achievements in the Issaquah School System and your carrying on with these aggressive accomplishments transposing them throughout the state.  From a low test score school system to a Number 3 in the State School System in one term as a District Supervisor of the Issaquah School System. 

 5)  You have accomplished one of my requirements for a manager.  One must be able to have two if not more innovative ideas and implement those ideas.  Number one above you are in the process of implementing this idea and the cherry is the cost of administration will be cut in half.  The other is the use of grant funds.  These funds have been used and the test results have showed aggressively positive results.  When fully implemented throughout the state our students aptitude and appreciation for other forms of learning should dramatically improve as well.  If I am aware of two ideas you must have additional endeavors of achievement which I in advance am applauding.  Affective and efficient use of government resources should be the goal of all elected officials.  Congratulations!

 The above reasons are why I am endorsing Terry Bergeson for another term as Director of Public Instruction in the State of Washington.  You have a high threshold and in four more years will have an even higher threshold to pass.  Our children will achieve!!


 Keith Ljunghammar, EA

Candidate for 46th Legislative District, position 1

2400 NW 80th Street, #324

Seattle, WA 98117-4449





August 19, 2008

Endorsed by GOAL WA August 7, 2008

Gun Owners Action League of Washington

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Joe Waldron