The Eagle above was painted by my nephew and given to his friend who was going to compete in the 2008 Winter Olympics  in Snow Boarding.   He did not make the team but he had fun trying out for the Olympics. 

Now that the election cycle is over I have included my thoughts on Washington State elections and bills.  I concentrated on the  bills which the legislator, Scott White, has co-sponsored.  Many errors and inconsistencies with other disciplines are extremely apparent and flowing through the bills.   Especially SB 5104 which pertains to a proposed income tax bill and does not look like it will pass I examined and found it to be regressive in nature as compared with the $25,000 to $40,000 income tax brackets compared to the current sales tax method.  Also, the senior citizens will be taxed the heaviest. 

While last summer I traveled throughout the state getting signatures for I-409 and now will be doing the same for I-1043 which looks at illegal immigrants.  Will be also looking at I-99 a City of Seattle initiative which would take away the right to use the right-of-way for a tunnel.  

Have written about other aspects of life and taxes.  Have fun and read the blog.  Come back and read some more.  Include a comment.  

I have a tax background and previously gave away in 2005 over 72,000 free tax returns to individuals.  It was fun.   See also the letter to Mr. Reichert on how the economy could be saved by changing the law a little bit.  See solar.

But above all have fun!!!  “Keep It Legal” as we would say on the I-1043 signature campaign trail.

See also Voter’s Pamphlet information and side panel of various other categories for additional information.  Basically I am going to be looking out for your interests by first looking at presenting the state budget in a fiscally prudent fashion.  Without this type of approach any additional conservative or even progressive legislation is dead in the water.  Bankruptcy is sure to happen if the State continues in its fashion of spend, spend and more spend.  Interest ratings will be downgraded and additional interest rates increased.  The basic services will be tougher to meet.  So if you view yourself as a progressive or a conservative the basic conservative you will need to vote for me in the primary and the general election to straighten fiscal policies to a level which is prudent.  I will fight for your financial solvency.  Let’s avoid bankruptcy.  Then after that we can look at capital projects which will be useful in enhancing the lives of all of the citizens by helping to reduce personal expenses and the states budgets.  Sound policies of roads would be one of the basics.  Without solid roads for our infrastructure transportations needs even K-12 schools are threatened.  Solid transportation from point A to point B to point C and back to point A will enhance our society and the pleasures of living in the Pacific Northwest.  Our budget is so strained that a “Back to the Basics” policy and not a spend happily policy is needed.

Creating a beautiful Puget Sound in also indicative of a sound tourist trade but without the means by the tourists to get there this puts a moot point on the reason for cleaining up Puget Sound.  We also need to have some of the clean-up expenses come from the Indian Tribes who enjoy the “fruits of the sound” (salmon) as well.  Large  resources devoted to this endevour would be unsound and imprudent at this fiscally unsound time.   Gerri Pollet wants this at all costs.   He also wants a state income tax and a tax on all financially related products. 

Large transportation cost expenditures with an unsound general budget do not make sense  and shows the true one sided and unsound fiscal  astuteness of Mr. Scott White.  He is listening to the drummers of unions who only want to spend spend spend so their union employees can remain employed during economic downturns.  He shold be a lobbyist and not a legislator if this endeavor.  I am sure I am the candidate who has taken more type of “ethics” seminars in the last few years.  Two different disciplines and the requirements are different.  Basic ethics are indeed foreign to Mr. White otherwise he would not have used the King County Administration fax machine for non-county but for political purposes.  This is basic ethics 101 in any style of ethics and not only in tax preparation or with financial planning.  IRS ethics and financial planning ethics are different yet the same.  The level of where the bar is on both of these disciplines is different for the exact same reasons.   One is specifically set by statute (Circular 230) and the other is set by association rules which are required by statute to be enforced by the assoication.   I thus choose the higher standard.  What standard is Mr. Scott White choosing.  Also, the legal profession has a wider latitude of ethics and yet it also is just a tight as the financial industry ethics.   Where my ethics as outlined in Circular 230 dictate I settle immediately that is not the ethics which the legal process adjoins to even if under the same situation which I am under.

I have another plan and it involves citizens using their money for their own personal economic freedoms and spent on their timetable.  My Great Uncle Augutin Bergman of Sweden implemented a program in Sweden to the extent where it was the envie of the world in Gross per Capita Income in the sixties.  No single industrialized country could match what he and others did.  It did involve the individual and their spending of their money and the government also giving a tax break.  Success and more success until the macro project matured.  I am formulating something on a smaller scale and am assembling the necessary personel for helping in launching this national project so all of our lives can be simpler and greater at the same time.  This is of course on a national scale and legislation from the federal standpoint will need to be introduce to get government out of the way so individuals can break the ice and help our economy explode.  It is not unions or government that will come to the rescue for our economy but their enlightenment and non-hostile movement will need to be from a cooperative fashion in order for the project to get off the ground and the freedom of the citizen to be launched.  The citizen and their personal assets are the key ingredient.  This was true with my Great Uncle’s massive achievements in Sweden and yes this will be exactly what is needed for the project to go forward.  All I am doing is taking a current problem and incorporating his prior ideas and excellent results with a slight twist.  Watch out here our economy is going.  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Other countries you just watch with invie.  It is all up to the citizens to let the boom go and for the government to get out of the way and then the unions to sit back and watch.

This will also be my guiding light when it comes to State budget principles and watching out for your funds.  Your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be my pleasure.                      

Campaign Statement:


* Over $100,000,000 of your taxes spent on illegal alien medical care

* Over 1000 illegal aliens in Washington jails costing you $50,000,000

* I will vote for I-409 in Olympia (www.RespectWashington.us)

NO BIG DIG TUNNEL or “Surface” downgrade

* 11 years HWY-99 construction would devastate economy and your job!

* 14 hours of daily I-5 gridlock and $500 Million increase to your utility bills.

* Tunnel now $4.63 Billion!  And you didn’t even get to vote… until now!

Educate, not Excavate!    Vote Keith Ljunghammar!


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