Mayor McGinn’s Elect Committee Goal Requirements

Our Cities Goals in reference to Mr. McGinn’s Committee Goal Requirements

  • How do we build the strongest possible team to achieve the policy objectives and values set forth by the campaign (grass roots community involvement, transparency and neighborhood focus)?
  • How do we build public trust in the new administration?
  • What do you view as the incoming administration and the city’s greatest challenge — what should the new administration do first out of the gate?
  • 1)  Every team will have a completely different composition. This is of no small notice. However, also the reason for the team will be completely different also. The eventual function of the team or should I say the responsibility or end will vary. This will determine what is or will be needed. The City Attorney Peter Holmes was on a team. Some of the outside members disdained his comments on the team or committee. However, after interviewing him for the electoral process he did have direction and focus. This was absolutely counter to what was being or perceived as to what should be addressed by those very people who set the committee up. From a business and organization standpoint all organizations will start out conservative and grow to being liberal. This is just a constant when setting up organizations. I do see that a good rule is to get a great variety of personalities assembled on the various commities. Setting up a conservative on the committee will refocus the efforts of a committee back to its beginning days. By the definition of conservative this would include different aspects of being conservative. Both fiscally and mentally. A person who is focus and driven is another individual who should be on such a committee. This is to keep the committee focused on a task and a person who has the ability to outline what that focus should or should not be. This would be paramount to any type of organization as the committee will always have a desire to trail off to some other endeavor or alternative focus. The off course you always need to have that individual who has the capability to be able to communicate with those outside of the committee. Without this capability there will be no need for the committee. There will be no finalization of a task which could be shown to the outside the committee world. No communication will equal no finalization or reality of purpose for the committee. This person should be the spokesman for and know how and who to communicate the findings to. This person will also be able to refocus the committee for clarification when needed so communications of importance can be assembled, gathered, and discussed. Without this communication one should be able to go to the Woodland Park Zoo and be able to get the same information one could collect from the zoo animals. Nothing!! Finally there should be someone who has the capability to actually do any type of math or legal or accounting type of calculating. This will keep the committee on track and will help in the organizational characteristics which would be legally, and accounting wise needed. There are of course other as addressing to ones personality. One who is an introvert and calculating and the extrovert who talks about everything but the subject at hand. But at least get the above so a well functioning committee can have some basis. Then finally the individuals who actually do have educational backgrounds for the subject matter at hand. Do not have on a committee someone who does not have children and require them to understand a matter concerning education for children. But do have someone on an education committee to counter the outspokenness of those who are passionate about children and could quickly get side-tracked from teh fundamental goal of a committee.

    2) At the present time the building of trust for the City of Seattle is completely lacking outside of the City of Seattle. Foolishness from the past in rural Eastern Washington has left an semblance of trust on the riverbed being flushed down the stream by those citizens. The City of Seattle does either adversely or inadvertently affect other citizens from the far reaches of the State. This should continuously be kept in mind. Communication and immediate communication of what is happening is the key to all lengthy building of any type of trust. This must be vigilantly pursued and in the past I believe it has not. Committees which report one thing and get feedback from the citizens and further communication is not received back do have a communication trust problem. Mr. McGinn you should recall at the Southeast Seattle and especially at the Central Seattle area when at the Seattle Vocational Institute forum the citizenry just wanted to be left alone. They did not want to be harassed by the government and only when they desired communication would this be O.K. Sometimes the healing process can be difficult and burdensome. This seems like this could be one of those times. To forge ahead with standard as usual should not be the norm of the course which needs to be taken. Regular and frequent communication in both directions should be the policy. Feedback from the citizenry is important. There are four legs to government and not three. By developing and enforceing that communication to and from the fourth leg trust can be developed and forged for a new tomorrow and a stronger tomorrow also.

    3) The biggest challenge is each one of the challenges. In the past all committees were separate and no communication would be talking with another. The thesis of a new tomorrow will have to be developed with communication to Seattle citizens, and those who are outside of the normal spectrum of communication. I am referring to communication to the rest of the State as well. This would strengthen not only our tourism but if done properly would strengthen our communication with the legislature. The Tunnel is an example of non-consistent communication with the legislature and establishing the City as the preferential needs basis City of the State. With proper communication and openness perhaps by accomplishing our Cities goals our goals can also be accomplished.

    Let’s get our goals looked and have betterment for our City.

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