Mr. McGinn’s Committee City of Seattle Goals

December 14, 2009

Our Cities Goals in reference to Mr. McGinn’s Committee Goal 
1) How can we build the strongest team possible?
2) How can we build trust?
3) And what is our biggest challenge?
1) Every team will have a completely different composition. This is 
of no small notice. However, also the reason for the team will be 
completely different also. The eventual function of the team or should 
I say the responsibility or end will vary. This will determine what is 
or will be needed. The City Attorney Peter Holmes was on a team. Some 
of the outside members disdained his comments on the team or committee. 
However, after interviewing him for the electoral process he did have 
direction and focus. This was absolutely counter to what was being or 
perceived as to what should be addressed by those very people who set 
the committee up.
From a business and organization standpoint all organizations will 
start out conservative and grow to being liberal. This is just a 
constant when setting up organizations. I do see that a good rule is 
to get a great variety of personalities assembled on the various 
committees. Setting up a conservative on the committee will refocus the 
efforts of a committee back to its beginning days. By the definition 
of conservative this would include different aspects of being 
conservative. Both fiscally and mentally. A person who is focus and 
driven is another individual who should be on such a committee. This 
is to keep the committee focused on a task and a person who has the 
ability to outline what that focus should or should not be. This would 
be paramount to any type of organization as the committee will always 
have a desire to trail off to some other endeavor or alternative focus. 
The off course you always need to have that individual who has the 
capability to be able to communicate with those outside of the 
committee. Without this capability there will be no need for the 
committee. There will be no finalization of a task which could be 
shown to the outside the committee world. No communication will equal 
no finalization or reality of purpose for the committee. This person 
should be the spokesman for and know how and who to communicate the 
findings to. This person will also be able to refocus the committee 
for clarification when needed so communications of importance can be 
assembled, gathered, and discussed. Without this communication one 
should be able to go to the Woodland Park Zoo and be able to get the 
same information one could collect from the zoo animals. Nothing!! 
Finally there should be someone who has the capability to actually do 
any type of math or legal or accounting type of calculating. This will 
keep the committee on track and will help in the organizational 
characteristics which would be legally, and accounting wise needed. 
There are of course other as addressing to ones personality. One who 
is an introvert and calculating and the extrovert who talks about 
everything but the subject at hand. But at least get the above so a 
well-functioning committee can have some basis. Then finally the 
individuals who actually do have educational backgrounds for the 
subject matter at hand. Do not have on a committee someone who does 
not have children and require them to understand a matter concerning 
education for children. But do have someone on an education committee 
to counter the outspokenness of those who are passionate about children 
and could quickly get side-tracked from the fundamental goal of a 
2) At the present time the building of trust for the City of Seattle 
is completely lacking outside of the City of Seattle. Foolishness from 
the past in rural Eastern Washington has left a semblance of trust on 
the riverbed being flushed down the stream by those citizens. The City 
of Seattle does either adversely or inadvertently affect other citizens 
from the far reaches of the State. This should continuously be kept in 

 Communication and immediate communication of what is happening is the 
key to all lengthy building of any type of trust. This must be 
vigilantly pursued and in the past I believe it has not. Committees 
which report one thing and get feedback from the citizens and further 
communication is not received back do have a communication trust 
problem. Mr. McGinn you should recall at the Southeast Seattle and 
especially at the Central Seattle area when at the Seattle Vocational 
Institute forum the citizenry just wanted to be left alone. They did 
not want to be harassed by the government and only when they desired 
communication would this be O.K. Sometimes the healing process can be 
difficult and burdensome. This seems like this could be one of those 
times. To forge ahead with standard as usual should not be the norm of 
the course which needs to be taken. Regular and frequent communication 
in both directions should be the policy. Feedback from the citizenry 
is important. There are four legs to government and not three. By 
developing and enforcing that communication to and from the fourth leg 
trust can be developed and forged for a new tomorrow and a stronger 
tomorrow also.
3) The biggest challenge is each one of the challenges. In the past 
all committees were separate and no communication would be talking with 
another. The thesis of a new tomorrow will have to be developed with 
communication to Seattle citizens, and those who are outside of the 
normal spectrum of communication. I am referring to communication to 
the rest of the State as well. This would strengthen not only our 
tourism but if done properly would strengthen our communication with 
the legislature. The Tunnel is an example of non-consistent 
communication with the legislature and establishing the City as the 
preferential needs basis City of the State. With proper communication 
and openness perhaps by accomplishing our Cities goals our goals can 
also be accomplished.


The nine candled Menorah: Is it anti-semitic

December 14, 2009

 In Solomon’s Temple was a Seven Candled Menorah. (1) Why is this one not being used today. Every household I look at seems to have a menorah of nine candles. (2) Yet, in Exodus 25:37 the actual construction is to depict seven candles. Nowhere is there any indication that nine candles are supposed to be on the Menorah. But in Zechariah 4:14 there is an indication of two anointed men standing beside the Lord of the whole earth. (3) In another context the phrase: “Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit.” is used. This is in Zechariah 4: 6.(4). However these two extra items are olive branches and are not part of the Menorah Candle. What was in the temple stays in the temple according to some rabbis interpretations. (5) But I have a different interpretation of the meaning of the seven candlesticks of the Menorah. God always has a specific reason for including a specific number. The dynamics of a specific amount of gold which would include a talent of gold only is very specific. (6) The objective of light is to give off light. The amount of light to be given off also would have very specific in God’s mind. There originally were 10 Menorah’s and I am sure each one was placed in specific parts of Solomon’s Temple to help out with the lighting of an area. If you were to have nine candles instead of seven candles as per the instructions this would be stretching the gold by 9/7th or .77777 of the original or 1.2857 of the revised. I am not an electrician but I do know that a 100 watt bulb lights up an area completely different from a 75 watt light bulb would. The specific size of Noah’s Ark (7) of 450 feet long by 75 feet wide and 45 feet was extremely important. (A cubit was the length of a man’s arm from fingertips to elbow.) (About 18 inches for a cubit.) From my recollection the exact drafting of this size of boat would be the optimum in a flotation device. The cycle of the waves which flow over the earth and at a seemingly random occurrence with respect to the dimensions of Noah’s Ark would prevent the boat from capsizing or rolling in the extremes. Theoretically all boats should be of the size which Noah built but then again all construction is different. My conclusion is that all mathematical and physics tools which God created were developed for the correct ballast of Noah’s ship. If God can design a boat then what would prevent God from constructing the perfect candle. All that do not believe this should instead go back to the drawing board. If looking at specific dimensions then why also did God demand Gold to be used. Looking at burning point for candle flames this can be easily seen. When “on average, On average, the maximum flame temperature will be about 2550 deg F. (8) Looking at this then a temperature as close as possible to 2550 or above would be ideal. The metals which are above this temperature are: Chromium (3380), Cobalt (2723), Inconel (2540-2600), Incoloy (2540-2600), Iridium (4440), Iron (2797), Molybdenum (4750), Nickel (2647), Niobium (Columbium) (4473), Rhodium (3569), Silicon (2572), Carbon Steel (2600-2800), Stainless Steel (2750), Tantalum (5400), Thorium (3180), Titanium (3040), Tungsten (6150), and Vanadium (3450). Most of these names I do not even recognize. These metals would not have been around until Roman times as well. But more malleable common metals which were around would be: Brass (1710), Copper (1983), Gold (1945) and Silver (1760). From the list here you can plainly see that Gold would not only be the only clear choice even if copper is 38 Fahrenheit degrees higher for its melting stage but of a superior continual quality. Brass, copper and Silver would have to be continually polished. But where was the technology for polishing these metals except for elbow grease and plenty of it also per candle. The difference in the maintenance and the requirement of continual polishing was shall we say a “no-brainer”. Besides that it looks pretty. The Egyptians demanded that the Israelites leave with all the gold, silver, and raiment which they could carry so that God’s punishments would leave them.” … they asked of the Egyptians vessels of silver and gold, and very much raiment. … and they stripped the Egyptians.” (10) So with both silver and gold the higher melting point being gold then obvious conclusion would be to use the gold (1945) and not the silver (1760). Let’s skip forward a few years. Going forward to 1604 until 1611 when King James I of England had the Holy Bible translated for the Church of England with 47 scholars. (11) “In January 1604, King James I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference where a new English version was conceived in response to the perceived problems of the earlier translations .” (11) But what really happened after the Church of England had hired Jesuits. All of the scholars or interpreters were killed by the Jesuits. Also the Jesuits had purposely misinterpreted passages. Thus the punishment of King James I descendents have not been on the throne of England since that time. King James I of England was of the House of Pharoah King David and the House of York and the House of Stuart. The House of Stuart is more commonly referred to as the White Rose and the current Queen of England of the House of Windsor is referred to as the Red Rose. If God’s wrath continues for 400 years then how are the people of Israel going to continue with misrepresenting the Menorah every year with nine candlesticks and not seven. A member of the House of David believes today that the nine on the Menorah (12) symbolizes Satan. The number nine specifically refers to Satan. This is for the nine members of the One World Government which also met and concluded on Friday, December 11, 2009. The symbolism is too striking for reverence to the Nine Candled Menorah. She was asked since this was referencing the number nine and the take over of the World away from God could this in-fact be construed as Idol worship which is specifically prohibited by God’s word. ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’ Exodus 20:3 (13) Let us take this from another perspective to show that the nine candled Menorah is a symbolism of earthly or Satanic power and persuasion. The seven candled Menorah is lite from left to right as it should be. There is definite symbolism here and the persuasiveness of the symbolism may be the only reason why the nine candled Menorah should be destroyed in every household. The nine candled Menorah is lit from right to left. Why the difference. Does anyone know. Again, the answer was verse from Pat Shupe of the House of David. The seven candled Menorah is the symbolism also of the Israelites leaving Egypt and crossing over the Dead Sea out of Egyptian territory and lands and into the desert. When you travel from Egypt you are traveling from West to East. And this is the reason why the candles are lit from left to right. Then in the same context if you are lighting the candles on the nine candled Menorah from right to left you are thus saying to God that you do not want His comfort and joy but rather you want to return to the bondage which you just came from and go back to Egypt. Egypt was known for the ungodliness and sin. Is this really what Israelites of today want to show. Do they want to show that they are willing to go back up to Egypt and become a people of sin and ungodly worship. I do not think so. But if they are separated then they should exterminate the nine candled Menorah and smash it and destroy the object of ungodliness and yes, the object of anti-semanticism. One last testament to the actions of God if things are not carried on as He wishes. Genesis 17:14 “Any uncircumcised male, who has not been circumcised in the flesh, will be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant.” When Moses was commanded to lead his people outside of Egypt by God then God strikes him with an illness as if unto death. The illness goes away after his son is circumcised. Definite words of promise and definite words of separation. Let’s conform to the original Solomon’s Temple candle pattern and stop showing off Satan as the victor. Talked with the Dali Lama’s nephew last night and he stated that he loves God. He has said he has not seen any degree of love from the people of Seattle. Everyone is only caring about themselves and they have no care or love for even people who they know. Perhaps he is right I keep asking myself. Worship God as God wants to be worshipped. Do not create feelings for objects which have no meaning to God. Otherwise if you do is this not idol worship. Is the person asking the questions, the Dali Lama’s nephew more in-tune with God’s wishes than the Jewish people. Should then if this is the case the next Solomon’s Temple be constructed in Nepal. The Treasures of Solomon need to be reassembled and Solomon’s Temple needs to be rebuilt. Where is God to rest if His House is not build. 


1) Exodus 25: 37 

37 And thou shalt make the lamps thereof, seven; and they shall light the lamps thereof, to give light over against it. 


The nine-branched menorah used on Chanukah is commonly patterned after this menorah, because Chanukah commemorates the miracle that a day’s worth of oil for this menorah lasted eight days. 

3) Zechariah 4:10-14 

10 For who hath despised the day of small things? even they shall see with joy the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel, even these seven, which are the eyes of HaShem, that run to and fro through the whole earth.’ 

11 Then answered I, and said unto him: ‘What are these two olive-trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof?’ 

12 And I answered the second time, and said unto him: ‘What are these two olive branches, which are beside the two golden spouts, that empty the golden oil out of themselves?’ 

13 And he answered me and said: ‘Knowest thou not what these are?’ And I said: ‘No, my lord.’ 

14 Then said he: ‘These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the L-rd of the whole earth.’ 

4) Zechariah 4: 6 …”Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit.” 

4 And I answered and spoke to the angel that spoke with me, saying: ‘What are these, my lord?’ 

5 Then the angel that spoke with me answered and said unto me: ‘Knowest thou not what these are?’ And I said: ‘No, my lord.’ 

6 Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying: ‘This is the word of HaShem unto Zerubbabel, saying: Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith HaShem of hosts. 

5) The menorah in the First and Second Temples had seven branches. After the Temples were destroyed, a tradition developed not to duplicate anything from the Temple and therefore menorah’s no longer had seven branches. 

6) Exodus 25: 39. Of a talent of pure gold shall it be made, with all these vessels. 

7) Genesis 6:15 in the Bible tells us the Ark’s dimensions were at least 135 meters long (300 cubits), 22.5 meters wide (50 cubits), and 13.5 meters high (30 cubits). That’s 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high! It could have been larger, because several larger-sized cubits were used. But the 45-centimeter (18-inch) cubit is long enough to show the enormous size of the Ark. 

(A cubit was the length of a man’s arm from fingertips to elbow.) 


Q – What is the temperature of a candle flame? A – The exact temperature of a candle flames depends on the material being consumed (burned). First, it is important to understand that a candle does NOT burn the wick (the string). It is the wax that acts as the fuel for the candle flame. The heat of the flame melts the wax, transforming the solid wax into a liquid, which then travels up the wick. (This process is known as capillary action.) Eventually the liquid wax is turned into a gas (like steam from a boiling kettle on the stove) and is consumed by the flame. Different waxes will have different flame temperatures. On average, the maximum flame temperature will be about 2550 deg F. (Remember that water boils at 212 deg F.) 

9) Various Metals melting temperatures. 

10) Exodus 12:35. And the children of Israel did as Moses had commanded: and they asked of the Egyptians vessels of silver and gold, and very much raiment. 

12:36. And the Lord gave favour to the people in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them: and they stripped the Egyptians. 

11) The Authorized King James Version is an English translation of the Christian Bible begun in 1604 and completed in 1611 by the Church of England.[3 

12) “All Day Live” televised show on December 18th, 2009 @ 10 Pat Shupe, House of Pharao King David, House of Stuart, House of York. 

13) ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.‘ Exodus 20:3 

14) 14 Any uncircumcised male, who has not been circumcised in the flesh, will be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant.” Genesis 17:10-14 (New International Version);