HB 1100 – No petroleum exploration on coastal waters

February 9, 2009
HB 1100 – no petroleum exploration on coastal waters or inlets.

Relating to protecting the natural marine ecosystem from the potential risks of petroleum extraction.

Who is running scared here. Am looking at the sponsors list and noticing very few signators.

The bill title mentions “potential risk”. No real assessment of potential risks has been addressed in this bill. The potential risk portion is just being assumed without any scientific verification or acknowledgement of studies of any kind let alone scientific studies. Scientific studies by federal law need to address the needs of humans in a study also. No addressing of human needs in this bill are addressed.

The State is $6 Billion or possibly $8 Billion in debt. The simple task of exploring for natural gas or for oil or petroleum of some type would be a boom for the state. The simple exploration would also help in disenfranchising coastal waters and coastal Indian Tribes as well. The Pacific Waters off of the coast or violant and churning. The U.S. EPA came to a conclusion in a bay in Alaska that the need to a waste and sewage disposal system of a man-made variety was unnecessary due to the harsh and constant wave action on a bay in Alaska. A former co-worker who was the head of the EPA in the Pacific Northwest told me this story about 15 years ago. The threat of a “potential risk” of oil pollution may be zero in some part of the coastal areas of Washington State. South of the Macah Indian Tribe for about 22 miles no human dwelling exists. The potential risk here may be zero also. No humans travel by so is there a need to secure seabeds adn shorelines. The “fragile” area may in-fact be violant.

A few days ago the Macah Indian Tribe learned of a Coastal Wave Power manufacturer giving back a contract for development of wave power which would have initially produced 1MW or enough to power electricity for 150 homes. Did the state not cooperate or did the Macah Tribe not have the funds or did the State spend too much money and the company was expecting a grant of some sort to develop the initial phase money for the project. Whatever the case is here the “Green” machine which was going to start of the coastal waters of Washington I blame on the direct responsibility of the neglect of the progressives by not adhering to fiscal restraint when it comes to the budget. No budget, equals no funds for innovation. No budget, no green projects. No budget, means a higher reliance upon innovation and entrepreneurs. This is an example of the government wanting is cake and eating it too. Taxes do not come out of mid-air. Making energy creates taxes in more ways than one. Innovation is the KEY to overcoming a recession. Government is not the key to dissolving a recession. Exploring for new resources, developing of innovation, striving for the next frontier is what will and only will let the state get to the other side of the mountain. Boeing has been struggling with the 787 and the state seems to be relying only on the 787 rescueing the state from complete foreclosure. When Bill Gates and Paul Allen started their project they had no success outside of their family until a friend lent them the last bit of money for printing so their could have a completed retail product. Otherwise they would have sold the Microsoft to probably a guy in Texas or someone else. Innovation has to be a complete package. No half way projects ever get off of the floor. The Ocean Shores area is perported to have gas under its soil. Geologists look at the surrounding structure and confirm this. The next step needs to be to ask the printer to complete the project and do seimic tests and then actually drill. The phrase “drill baby drill” is not just a moto but a radical idea of future fortunes for the state. Get Ocean Shores out of the stone age and into the modern age. Let’s build an internation airport in Ocean Shores instead of leaving gas in the ground. More tourists in the area will bring more dollars to the state. Ocean Shores is a diamond in the rough.



HB 1978 Economic stimulus transportation funding

February 8, 2009

HB 1978 – Relating to economic stimulus transportation funding and appropriations and authorizing capital improvements. Declaring an emergency.

Construction of SR 520 and other projects.

Are we ready for this at the present time. So SR 520 takes precedence over I-99. Interesting.

HB 1946 Higher education on-line

February 8, 2009

HB 1946 – Relating to higher education online technology.

Again a question of accreditation may be significant here. What are the qualifications. Not from a state level but from a federal level. At present if classes are on-line then no education credit can be claimed. This is a tight rope to watch. The continueing inclusion of the available from a tax standpoint is necessary. Proctoring or in classroom classes. Wheeling in a lecture into a room with an audio visual clerk may be the future. Will the teachers still get paid. Will the same teacher still do follow. Travel time is a big expenses for multi-institution faculty members. This may be a way to give raises but will the instruction remain steady or faulter. Question and answer time is imperative. Some students learn by hearing and some by seeing.

Legislative problems/ new legislators

January 25, 2009

Representative Brad Klippert

I do not see any information on balancing the budget when I went to your legislative website for the state. You did have a bill – HR 1665 listed but I could not left click and get the bill information.

Is this part of I-409 which would have saved $1 Billion per biennium as per our discussion on Wednesday of the first week while in your office with Craig Keller and Albert Pong and Wendle Hannigan.

Hope things are going well.

Also, look at your package of legislative introduced and co-sponsored bills. I read virtually all of the package.

Previously to that I read my legislators sponsored and co-sponsored legislation.

Your sponsored legislation has some definite purpose and function. Your co-sponsored legislation has relatively no new taxes expenditures associated with it. My legislator Scott White, Rep 1 and actually Rep 2, Phyllis Kenney are looking like twins from the legislation co-sponsored vantage point. Their social agendas have tremendous costs associated with them.

HB 1452 – has a declaring an emergency. The legislation will take years to come about.

HB 1286 – Defamatory Candidates. If the candidates can’t take it they should not be in the legislature. Our countries history has been replete with inflammatory statements. The John Quincy Adams presidential races was all about inflammatory comments on Adams and Jacksons part. Get over it.

HB 1191 – energy. This is a costly piece of legislation. $.38 per kwh and $20,000 maximum per year payout for a company which is already going to spend the money. This would be better spent if the legislation was geared toward the individual. Homeowners Associations or small business or like strip malls. This is a waste of money. Maybe a good intention but this is purely corporate welfare at its peak.

HB 1069. Light Pollution. This legislation has some basic no brainer parts to it but deep into the last section to legislation is an attempt to dig into the use of lighting by automobile dealerships. Lights must go out by 10 p.m. What about the midnight sale. Punitive and narrow minded in its scope.

HB 1528. Employer communication on political or religious matters. This legislation is not about about religious topics in the workplace but rather the suppression of political conversations in the workplace. This is union driven and an obvious attempt to suppress free speech. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the “abridgement” of religion so thus this legislation would be null and void as to pertaining to the religious section and is only affective for the political section. The punitive damage is solely on the employer. The employee could quite and then ask for back pay for the year they were unemployed due to their own quitting practice.

HB 1481 – electric vehicles. Although I might be able to recharge at a rest stop in more than one way due to this legislation I could rent at $1 from the rest stop for a recharging facility. I also would not be paying B & O taxes based upon the cost of construction for the facility. A four unit apartment construction site would have to include on-site electric vehicle recharge facilities for the residents. There is no incentive to do this except by force. Costs of low-income housing modifications would be eliminated due to the forcing of this extra expense. This legislation is putting the cart before the horse in the development of infrastructure. The costs will be large and the early development rewards are few. The problem is we do not have electric vehicles available as of yet. Only references to solar or wind are addressed. We do have wavepower being developed by the Macah Tribe at the present time. If they are successful should this not be considered. Also, the definition of off-peak periods is not defined. Is this not during the day or is off-peak when the sun is down or clouded over for solar and during not windy or too-windy for wind power. WavePower there is never an off-peak time. This requirement may possibly overload the current power grid of the population center where a county population is in excess of 500,000 only. Again, this legislation does not consider reality based electricity. Circumventing this would be too intensify the localization of a power source. No incentives have been given for the construction contractor but only the large mega watt electrical grid contractor. See HB 1191.

HB 1491 vehicles overtaking and passing. With only three feet being allowed a wind gust still would be created. All bicyclists also cycle on the extreme left side of the bicycle lane anyways reducing the three feet to two feet. When passing bicyclists should be required to cycle in the center of the bike lane and not to the left. Safety goes in two directions on this issue. Of course only when safe. Permission on this legislation should allow for a vehicle to completely enter the oncoming lane as well for maximum safety of all parties when it is safe to do.

HB 1554 – Stop work. The legislation here does not allow for payment of fees and fines under a disagreement. “The stop work order remains in effect during the period of reconsideration or appeal.” The Labor and Industries department is currently the most restrictive agency in state government. The agents are not allowed to forgive and fine or regulation if they seem fit. Only the director can do this. Moses was overwhelm so what does current history dictate and mandate that still one person solve a problem. Stop work remaining if effect during the period of reconsideration or appeal means that several years or a decade can elapse and the structure or business would have to sell or file bankruptcy. Actually a bankruptcy would not solve this dilemma either.

HB 1594 Environmental cleanup grants. This legislation would not allow for a graduated student to be able to take advantage of the student loan interest adjustment on an individuals income tax return. Also, if in the form of a grant then student education expenses would not be taken also. A grant would be given at the time of education and it must be current. If a repayment of the amount is owing after the education then since the amount was paid in a prior year the unreimbursed and now required to be reimbursed amount due to default would have to be paid back. This would be doubling punitive to the student. There is no recognition of “Conditional scholarship” in the IRS tax code. A better way would be to require work during the summer months in order to be eligible for the scholarship or grant in the next year’s timeframe. This would make more sense and conditioning upon completion of academic quarters would be based upon a quarter by quarter basis. Thus no “Equalization Fee” would be required. the process of the interest rate being established by the Board could be punitive for individual students. The rate should be established by the Student Loan Program rate in effect for a given period of time. This should not be determined directly by a Board which could arbitrarily increase or decrease the amount. Selected individuals thus could be punished or rewarded with this type of system. Annual consideration of the interest rate is unrealistic. Interest rates currently are fluctuating daily. Forgiveness of fees and penalties and interests rates which are established by the board could be adjusted to reward some and punish others in the same way as interest rates could be adjusted. What this would come about to is graduated students would be working for a two to five year period for minimum wage and after completion of their projects they would still continue under minimum wage in the industry because another crop of graduating students need to work for minimum wage. Thus the summer work program which is limited in time would be a better method of building a “green” career. Minimum wage sucks.

HB 1502. Nursing and Education. The unions are pressuring for more school nurses and for smaller classes sizes I see in this legislation. Some basic fundamental skills by non-completed nursing staff could help in alleviating this problem. To give diabetes type 2 shots does not require a full nursing degree. Part of the provision should be to allow a lower level nurse to care of students. Dropping aspirin in a child’s throat with water flowing afterwards does not require a nursing degree. The use of rising nursing stars should be allowed also in this legislation to alleviate part of the costs. Also, no provision for home visiting doctors is addressed in this legislation. If a doctor who is available during non-home-visits could swing by then the more direct or more serious cases could be address. My brother’s brother-in-law travels from home to home only as a physician. If his resting spot for the day was a school he could or the nursing station could serve as a temporary office and this could help in reducing his costs as well. Sending faxes and getting supplies or drugs from a storage area would help both. Obviously only usable during school hours. Certificated instructional staff would come to hiring people from India who are teachers there and just need to recertify Washington State standards or if they are coming from another state or maybe Canada. Presently the State Department allows a treaty allowance for Teachers from India with teaching degrees to come to the United States and work without a work permit. The treaty allows instant work permits. How would they feel about expenses to get here and then not being able to start working. The not hiring should be changed to require that unions and teachers and district to have a contract in place by the end of the prior school year. If not then complete submission to legislation is required.


Keith Ljunghammar, EA