Limousine Economics

March 11, 2009

Had a dream last night.

I was the driver in this long long white limousine. It was for a trip to a party. One of the passengers was a former Republican appointed aide to the Washington area for the Labor department. After the Bush administration left office he was also retiring and could do many different things which he otherwise could not do because of his need for working.

Left him and the other passengers at the party. I knew I would have several hours before I would be needed to pick them all back up again and deliver them back to their respective houses. I was trying to decide how to kill some time. Should I just go and pick some other people up and make some additional money for an hour or so. So instead what I did was to go into the party and try to local the guy so I would know how much time he would be spending there. I was unable to find him.

Came back outside of the doors of the party and my limousine was subsequently parked someplace else. It had snowed since I went into the party. My car was parked and the two doors on the drivers side were open. The vehicle seat on for the driver was filled with snow and the back door was filled with snow inside of the passenger area as well. I started scooping the snow out. I heard some type of noise and there were two kids which I saw taking the tires off of the car. The tires were just ordinary and of no special importance. They were not gold plated rims. I caught one of the kids and I still heard some noise and others were continuing to take the tires off of the car with the rims attached. I called the police. I called to have the new tires and rims replace so I could drive the party home when they finish the party. The mechanic came and started working on the engine.

This sounds like if a mechanic would be working on the engine to get the engine fixed so this is like the Obama administration saying they need to get all of the pork projects going before they deal with the real problem which is the mortgage situation and the economic destabilization which this has caused.

We only need four tires with rims on them and no an overhaul of the engine or even a look at the engine. To date I have not seen any legislation which is geared at correcting the problem of not allowing no down payment loans. The banks are not loaning unless a minimum payment is made. The prior problem is still intact and could resurface at any time.

So in conclusion the limousine economics of the Obama administration fixing of the economy will take a long time. The Bush administration will not be found again. The fix is not started on and the completion of the job may outlast the party. The fix is relatively simple and yet may take a long time. Don’t concentrate on the environment when the thieves are stealing from right under you.

What do you say.


HB 1775 – Regulation of certain limousine carriers

February 9, 2009

HB 1775 Regulation of certain limousine carriers.

Here I read this last night so I will not provide specific line numbers.

Between the lines is sounds like the Port of Seattle is trying to creating a limousine service from the Sea-Tac to other outlying areas. But I do have some qualifying questions for this Bill.

1) Taxi cab drivers are able to start driving as a first time job. Some testing of qualifications are necessary. English seems to be an immediately desired qualification. Should the qualification for English and understanding of English be a higher qualification.

2) It would seem to me that a basic understanding of locations within the City of Seattle should be pressed as a requirement. So many of the taxi cab drivers are not qualified to answer basic scenic qualifications. A testing of scenic qualifications should be made.

3) Taxi cab drivers are artificially pressed into service to show off the advantages and disadvantages of the beauty of an area while driving a guest to their hotel/motel of choice or their desired destination. A verbal testing or a test driving of this should be done. Take out one or two hours of showing scenic driving to get a enjoyable ride by the patron testing.

4) Quite a few taxi cab drivers still do talk on the cell phone while they are driving the patron to a location.

5) English should be spoken only in the limousine unless the patron and the driver are able to speak the same language. This is not just as a convenience but as a safety requirement. The patron knows sometimes where they want to go. Other conversations on a cell phone are also not paying attention to the needs of the patron.

6) Radios unless requested should not be used in a taxi cab or limousine unless the patron desires.

7) A limousine driver should not be able to apply for a limousine license unless the driver has completed a minimum of one year as a taxi cab driver.

8) The testing requirements for a taxi cab driver and a limousine driver shall be from the same tests except for additional tests indicated above. So the requirements of testing for a limousine driver and a taxi cab driver shall not need to be duplicated if the taxi cab drivers license is held currently.