Mayor McGinn’s Elect Committee Goal Requirements

November 20, 2009

Our Cities Goals in reference to Mr. McGinn’s Committee Goal Requirements

  • How do we build the strongest possible team to achieve the policy objectives and values set forth by the campaign (grass roots community involvement, transparency and neighborhood focus)?
  • How do we build public trust in the new administration?
  • What do you view as the incoming administration and the city’s greatest challenge — what should the new administration do first out of the gate?
  • 1)  Every team will have a completely different composition. This is of no small notice. However, also the reason for the team will be completely different also. The eventual function of the team or should I say the responsibility or end will vary. This will determine what is or will be needed. The City Attorney Peter Holmes was on a team. Some of the outside members disdained his comments on the team or committee. However, after interviewing him for the electoral process he did have direction and focus. This was absolutely counter to what was being or perceived as to what should be addressed by those very people who set the committee up. From a business and organization standpoint all organizations will start out conservative and grow to being liberal. This is just a constant when setting up organizations. I do see that a good rule is to get a great variety of personalities assembled on the various commities. Setting up a conservative on the committee will refocus the efforts of a committee back to its beginning days. By the definition of conservative this would include different aspects of being conservative. Both fiscally and mentally. A person who is focus and driven is another individual who should be on such a committee. This is to keep the committee focused on a task and a person who has the ability to outline what that focus should or should not be. This would be paramount to any type of organization as the committee will always have a desire to trail off to some other endeavor or alternative focus. The off course you always need to have that individual who has the capability to be able to communicate with those outside of the committee. Without this capability there will be no need for the committee. There will be no finalization of a task which could be shown to the outside the committee world. No communication will equal no finalization or reality of purpose for the committee. This person should be the spokesman for and know how and who to communicate the findings to. This person will also be able to refocus the committee for clarification when needed so communications of importance can be assembled, gathered, and discussed. Without this communication one should be able to go to the Woodland Park Zoo and be able to get the same information one could collect from the zoo animals. Nothing!! Finally there should be someone who has the capability to actually do any type of math or legal or accounting type of calculating. This will keep the committee on track and will help in the organizational characteristics which would be legally, and accounting wise needed. There are of course other as addressing to ones personality. One who is an introvert and calculating and the extrovert who talks about everything but the subject at hand. But at least get the above so a well functioning committee can have some basis. Then finally the individuals who actually do have educational backgrounds for the subject matter at hand. Do not have on a committee someone who does not have children and require them to understand a matter concerning education for children. But do have someone on an education committee to counter the outspokenness of those who are passionate about children and could quickly get side-tracked from teh fundamental goal of a committee.

    2) At the present time the building of trust for the City of Seattle is completely lacking outside of the City of Seattle. Foolishness from the past in rural Eastern Washington has left an semblance of trust on the riverbed being flushed down the stream by those citizens. The City of Seattle does either adversely or inadvertently affect other citizens from the far reaches of the State. This should continuously be kept in mind. Communication and immediate communication of what is happening is the key to all lengthy building of any type of trust. This must be vigilantly pursued and in the past I believe it has not. Committees which report one thing and get feedback from the citizens and further communication is not received back do have a communication trust problem. Mr. McGinn you should recall at the Southeast Seattle and especially at the Central Seattle area when at the Seattle Vocational Institute forum the citizenry just wanted to be left alone. They did not want to be harassed by the government and only when they desired communication would this be O.K. Sometimes the healing process can be difficult and burdensome. This seems like this could be one of those times. To forge ahead with standard as usual should not be the norm of the course which needs to be taken. Regular and frequent communication in both directions should be the policy. Feedback from the citizenry is important. There are four legs to government and not three. By developing and enforceing that communication to and from the fourth leg trust can be developed and forged for a new tomorrow and a stronger tomorrow also.

    3) The biggest challenge is each one of the challenges. In the past all committees were separate and no communication would be talking with another. The thesis of a new tomorrow will have to be developed with communication to Seattle citizens, and those who are outside of the normal spectrum of communication. I am referring to communication to the rest of the State as well. This would strengthen not only our tourism but if done properly would strengthen our communication with the legislature. The Tunnel is an example of non-consistent communication with the legislature and establishing the City as the preferential needs basis City of the State. With proper communication and openness perhaps by accomplishing our Cities goals our goals can also be accomplished.

    Let’s get our goals looked and have betterment for our City.

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    Assessors Office cuts in Budget need to include Capital Improvements for Stronger Efficiencies

    November 19, 2009

    If the Assessors Office needs to cut expenses this is how I would cut the expenses.

    The predicament which the King County Assessors Office is currently facing is the Assessor is a new assessor and coming into the Office.  Skills from other areas will be carried forward but to have to cut a budget prior to taking office is a new one.  Traditionally is the Chief Operating Position or CEO position a new executive does get the privilege of looking at products, personnel, marketing, finances, etc. for a two or three month period of time.  During this time assessments and what needs to be done are assembled.  Then after that period of time, personnel, marketing or product mix have been evaluated and cuts are made.  The axe falls quickly and swiftly but there is a time whereby a true assessment of the company mix can be accumalated and formulated for a more refined mix of all types of company assets. 

    Mr. Lloyd Hara is not being given this luxury so what I sat down and did was formulated some of my own thought which I believe Mr. Hara may want to consider but these would only be somethings which may want to be considered.  In no way would I require these to be mandatory but rather only suggestions.  I always have health that ideas can amount to about twenty or so and then maybe one, two, or three of those ideas may be actually sound enough to be considered.  Again, I have not seen the books of what needs to be done nor have I had a tour of the operations nor have I even had an education course on the art science of appraising.  I have taken a real estate class and a mortgage processing class however.  These are completely and utterly different from the process of assessment however.

    I do wish Mr. Lloyd Hara his best efforts in being able to cut his budget and wish his best efforts in its refinement.  I do not in the remotest know his efforts will be painless.  Without being able to know what was at stake how can one know what can be eliminated.  Again, I would however, try to see if production standards can be increased by capital improvements.  Capital improvements do cost money but cuts in manpower are the greatest saver of expenses and the replacement of manpower can be and easily be replaced by equipment which makes the personnel more productive.  An easier process through the use of equipment is also the road to a happier workplace. 

    Here are some of my ideas on what could possibly be considered to reduce or replace man-hours in the King County Assessors Office.           

       1)  If the people walk from one location to another then time could be reduced if the distance of time is reduced from one location to the next. 

    a)  You may need to get those same travel machines which the parking enforcement has.

      b)  Or you could get completely electric vehicles so no fuel is being used whatsoever.  The engines would not be being idle all day long.  Found this at the car show this last weekend.  The greening of America should be coming out of the county budget as an extra.  If man-hours can be diminished via this method then the task could take less time.  I would experiment with one vehicle or two and then see if the appraisers get more done or how much less the cost of maintenance is.  That has to be one of your largest expenses also is the cost of fuel.
    MC Electric Vehicles
    Ty Rice
    1200 South Dearborn Street
    Seattle, WA 98144
    I told a CEO and Chairman of the 1400 largest U.S.A. company that different companies have different equipment due to the size of the operations.  A smaller company will be people intensive and rely upon machinery which is less costly but more people intensive.  This is because capital is more scarce for the smaller business.  This way the small company would be able to compete with the larger company which has to rely upon larger more costly equipment.  The capital intensity give more profit but the working man hours are less and thus the workers are more productive.
    2)  The other way would be to find out if instead of an assessment once every six years is if the assessment can be made once every seven or eight years.  I would assume this is being set by statute at the present time.  Petition the legislature next year for this change.  Or ask the King County Council to do this.  This is spreading the budget by reducing the work load. 
    3)  If you are being charged for work space in a downtown building can you lease or get another office throughout King County where the appraisers could be stationed.  Perhaps if appraisals are happening in say the south end of the County get a one year lease and offices and equipment would be located in a temporary one year office.  Citizens could or should also be able to get hearings in that office space as well.  This would be centrally located for the benefit of the appraisers and centrally located for citizens until that areas appraisals are completed.  Another location for one or two years could be lease in another area.  I also know that Mastro Properties has some vacant property which could be leased and probably for a great price.  I have Mr. Mastro’s personal number in my car or could get this quickly if needed.
    4)  The other way to do this is lease properties in different parts of the county.  A separation or smaller area each year would be appraised.  Thus you could have four different smaller areas.  This and hte above would reduce on the commuting of appraisers and they would have a better more defined area which they would be working from.  I mean you could even sub-divide this down to where two or three appraisers work out of an office and then the office is closed and moved.  I would not think that the paperwork would have to be submitted but once a week to the downtown office.  Someone could either pick this up as a courier or the appraisers could hand deliver the paperwork to someone downtown.  Or you could have a downtown processing center for this object.     

    H.R. 3548 “Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009” Potential Problems with the Act

    November 17, 2009

    H.R. 3548 “Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009”

    The “The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009” has some strong economic pluses and some possible technical errors built into the Act. The Act as the title suggests will cover Unemployment Extension, Homeownership stimulation, Additional Military extensions for Homeownership Purchases, changes to the 5-year Carryback of Operating Losses, delay in worldwide allocation of interest, Penalties on S Corp for non-timely filing, Paid Preparers e-filing requirement, FUTA surtax, and increasing estimated payments amounts for Corporations.

    Dramatic potential changes to the tax code are from section 13. 5-Year Carryback of Operating Losses.

    Section 13(e)(4)(B) any application under section 641(a) of such Code with respect to such loss shall be treated as timely filed if filed before such due date.

    The wording “filed before such due date” seems potentially to be awkward. If the requirement is to have this be filed before the due date then in reality the due date would be the day before the due date of the required filing. This wording should rather be stating “filed on or before such due date”. Yes the due date is in reality a specific minute of time which would be minute of the day of but I would have to read this like it actually reads and seeing the date and the work before would require a filing of the previous date so the return could be timely.

    Another section which is questionable is in Section 17. Certain tax return preparers required to file returns electronically.

    Section 17 (a)(3)(A). In general.- The Secretary shall require than any individual income tax return prepared by a tax return preparer be filed on magnetic media if-

    Here in the above section you probably read the sentence and thought that I misspelled the word “than” which is not the case. This when reading the sentence looks like the word should read; “that” of which I have brought up to the attention of Congressman Reichert’s office and they did fax this also to Congressman McDermott’s office.

    The above seem to be policy changes or grammatical changes. Another change which I see but I am questioning is the bill is silent as to the number of inclusions in a Purchase and Sale Agreement of Potential Properties which could be purchased. With Section 1031 exchanges the maximum number of properties which can be traded to is three. With 45 days to designate and three properties maximum in the Purchase and Sale Agreement to other properties and 180 days to close the Purchase this does make sense for a 1031 exchange policy. With business or investment property the utility value is in the tax-deferred exchange to other like-kind properties and the functionality of the property nor the utility value of the property may not be the end purpose. If trading a rental house for an apartment this makes sense. But trading from a rental house to a strip of farming land may not make sense except in the case of potentially missing the 1031 exchange dates. A farmer could constructive continue farming which another 1031 exchange for the property is completed. But to meet the deadline and the three year requirement a strict move from one property to another is mandatory. Where I really see the bill exploding on individuals is in the arena of being locked in to a specific property without the luxury of default on terms. Default on terms can come from the seller and the buyers side, real property line disputes, assessments, fires, casualty damages, earthquakes, real estate agent/broker disputes, permit delinquencies both present and past, non-timely completion of current construction new home developments and occupancy permits, mortgage bankers turn-downs, inspection refusals, and the list goes on and on. The bill does not leave the taxpayer an out based upon the “May 1, 2011” signing of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. This is further complicated by the closing due date of by “July 1, 2011”.


    I can see from both of these due dates real estate brokers and agents will be required to sign two, three, four or five different Purchase and Sale Agreements with option to drop out by the Purchasers near the end of the dates in the Act. Will this treatment artificially inflate prices on the real estate market. I would say it definitely will and then after the due date the prices will drop. This is indeed a dangerous macro-economic phenomenon to put a country in and the mechanism for correcting this situation needs to be updated before any potential catastrophes’ happen due to this “Act”.

    Frustration on the part of the taxpayer or at least who is self filing may come when mathematical errors are assessed for not providing the additional forms which are also being required with the current new “Act”. See Section 12. Provisions to enhance the Administration of the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit.

    Section 12(d) (i-iii). Particularly focusing on (iii) the taxpayer fails to attach to the return the form described in section 36(d)(4). This should be the HUD document or similar document for indication of a real estate closing. A delay in supplying this document will further frustrate the taxpayer and potentially cause undue hardship on RAL (Refund Anticipation Loan) providers who could potentially be waiting too long for their reimbursements. This could also cause a restriction in the advance refund check from RAL Bank providers by their non-inclusion of refunds or discounting of the refund portion based upon the First-time Homebuyers Credit credit amount.

    Other provisions of the Act may be noticed by others but these are the critical differences which I am seeing at the present time. Both taxpayers and tax preparers and software development preparers should try to address these issues while researching, talking about or programming for this next tax year.





    Obama has cancer and will rest around Christmas

    November 17, 2009

    President Obama has cancer.  This story was broken by SCAN TV on All Day Live over three weeks ago by Dr. Mount.  The Globe newspaper just printed the news today.

    Obama’s addition to cigarettes is finally taking affect on his body.  He has:

    1)  Cancer in the bottom of his lungs and it is migrating.

    2)  The cause is from a chemical irritation of the tar from cigarette smoking.  The chemical irritation will require Kemo Therapy and about eight weeks at this time.

    3)  Presidebt Obama does not eat well and need to modify his diet significantly.

    4)  The President is nutrient deficient. 

    Also, President Obama will or should be taking a vacation around one week prior to Christmas.

    The above was transposed from a conversation with Dr. Mount.

    The question is will Vice President Biden now beccome the acting President during these particular times of difficulty for the President.

    HR 3548 more than a Tax Credit of $6500.

    November 15, 2009

    HR 3548 more than a Tax Credit of $6500.

    New home owners still have the chance to get that little pot of gold out there from Ucle Sam. The $8000 first-time home buyers credit will be extended until on or before June 30, 2010 with a Purchase and Sale Agreement in hand by April 30, 2010. You lucky dogs which can take advantage of this. However, if your home closes after November 30, 2009 do not expect to get a tax credit amended on your 2008 income tax return. You like everyone else will now have to wait until your 2009 income tax return is filed.

    This might be good for taxpayers who in 2008 may not have qualified for the credit and been disappointed and not purchased a home. But the annual income limits have risen to $125,000 for individuals and for joint filers the amount has gone up to $225,000 for qualifying for the full credit. But another twist in your favor if you have a slightly higher income level is that the qualifying levels phase out completely at the individual in the $145,000 level and a couple the phase out level is at the $245,000 level.

    So if you are above those levels individually but have a sweetheart get the matrymonial ceremony in place by the end of the year. Then again, maybe it might be better not to. Maybe the split level where one would qualify slightly and the other one would not qualify or maybe would qualify completely. You will have to do the math on this one. Or email me and maybe I could figure it out for you.

    A one year extension for the military if you as a member of the Armed Services have served outside of the United state for a minimum of 90 days during the January 1, 2009 to May 1, 2010 period.

    Include your HUD statement with your Form 1040 or 1040X amended return.

    Sorry but you know must be 18 years of age to get this gig.

    That second home or vacation home does not count. This must be your primary residence.

    First time homebuyers may be eligible for an $8,000 refundable tax credit and other homebuyers who have lived in their current residence for five of the last eight years may qualify for a $6,500 refundable tax credit.

    For other restrictions see H.R. 3548 The Worker, Hoemownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009.


    This new residence for former home owners credit may help in you getting what you need and what the economy needs far more than the first-time home ownership credit did.

    Prior homeownership usually means you are stable and might have some cash to throw around. Need new drapes. No problem. New rug. No Problem. Check book has the money from the old house. etc. etc. What is really happening here is the government is trying to have you loosen your checking account to stimulate the economy and notably for the benefit of the construction and durable goods industry.

    But I would like you to completely fool the IRS. Do buy improvements for your home but make sure they pass the energy star test. Keep in mind you have a limitation of $500 for some of the home improvements and a $1500 limitation on others. Higher limits for specialized solar power should be looked at. But do not dispare the limitations are annual and you can do another project in the next year for another $500 etc. You really should consult your accountant or tax advisor for more specific information on these improvements since they are as I call them “simplistically complex”. The energy star information for your stoves and refrigerators is given to the manufacturer but a credit is given for your heater if replaced and an energy star. The lowest cost is also the best. A tedious task of caulking around the siding gives immense returns. If affording new drapes is out of the question at least buy a caulking gun and “drape” your house to shut the heat from escaping and the heat from coming inside. Loosen up your house once in awhile by opening the doors though for circulation. You can get a tax credit besides for the cost of caulk. Your labor does not count.

    The actual next best way would be to invest in some solar panels or some type of wind power. Check with your local taxing district and other authorities first. You may have to get a permit before installation or construction. Also check with your local utility. You may have to get a check from them for producing electricity for them. There are specific requirements which all utilities have and not following them would mean you may be missing out on your rebate check. For instance, you may have to buy a meter to help in determining how much is going back out onto the grid. Some utility companies may have different rates for different hours of the day and you will definitely want to take advantage of these as well. Do not forget to consider your state income tax as an additional credit source. All states vary on this issue. From none for most of the states without a state income tax for substantial amounts. Depending upon your income you may need to know if the credit is available for you as a refundable or is it a non-refundable credit. Also, if you are temporarily in a state or seasonally will you get the credit. All of these considerations are important. What you should not do is guess that you need this done and assume you will get a credit. It is a function of responsibility on your part to assess all aspects of the taxes concerning improvements and solar with your tax advisor before any purchases are made. It is really a “simplistically complex” credit.


    A Soros double dip recession recovery interpretation

    November 15, 2009


    How will the United states of America come out of this recession.

    Many economists are saying it should be soon. I do have my doubts. The further attempts by the Federal Reserve at creating another bubble by keeping interest rates at zero percent are encouraging for this prediction. But other are saying and signs are still showing that Commercial Property will be hit again soon. Banks are at risk. But companies are hiring salesmen and computer programmers and farmers are soon to plant new seeds when the United states grain reserves are completely emaciated. The kingdom of low credit cards are still not rocketing upwards rather the kingdom of high and usurious credit card rates are rocketing upward. Now more precisely.

    Will the onset of H1N1 flu virus still ratcheting upward and delays in the vaccination shots being available the planned death of millions is still not unfolded. If one is sick one is not productive. But this does benefit the physician and the hospitals. Are the hospitals in a position to turn the economy around. No. Back to this later.

    The price of today’s oil which is bumping the bottom of the $80 (1*) per barrel price range will help in slowing any type of recovery. The supply and demand model in oil is healthy and realistic. As prices of oil go up so goes down the demand. As demand goes down so will productivity at the oil refinery and thus supply at the oil refinery or the supply of the value of the dollar will be going down. At the present time it is looking like both the supply at the refinery and the value of the U.S. dollar is going down. (*2) With the price of oil hitting a price ceiling. The dollar is weakening.

    Some are saying that a barrel of oil for a basket of currencies is inevitable. But is this realistic. Look at the underlying fundamentals from a “micro” economics level. In this case by micro I means country by country. A change of dollars to a basket of currencies would not only devastate the oil supplying countries but their investment holdings as well. No change to a basket of currencies can be thought of at the present time. If the price of oil is anywhere from (3*) $20 to $25 per barrel higher with a weak dollar (“Oil is about $20 to $25 a barrel higher simply it’s priced in dollars, and there’s a weak dollar:: Exxon Mobil chief Rex Tillerson.) then oil rich countries would be crazy to divest to a basket. An immediate loss of $20 would be (now macro-economics) undermining their individual countries GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but also hurting their countries balance sheets. Yes, a weaker dollar would immediately become stronger but the Producing Countries concern would be helping their own people first or themselves. A slightly stronger dollar in a basket would reduce the price of oil and thus the need for pumping more oil would further reduce their overall value per barrel because the supply of oil for the same return would have to be more barrels delivered. The only one’s to gain here would be the oil consumers and especially the United states. This by itself could change our economy around almost immediately but I am not counting on this change for an economic recovery.


    Another aspect which could change the economy is actually from the micro aspect. But this would be slow and drawn out. If everyone who bought a new house under the H.R. 3548 (*4)(*5)(*6)(*7)(*8). With “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act extended the tax credit which has provided a tax benefit to more than 1.4 million taxpayers so far.” … then maybe the construction and real estate trades can start again to get started. I have talked with individual contractors and sub-contractors and this is confirmed. Rug layers and painters are back in business. Some real estate construction is starting again. This is mainly in the residential arena at the present time however. The scaffolding trade from what I individually see is still idle. One has been virtually idle for the last six months. A one acre scaffolding lot is untouched.

    From HR 3548 I see homeowners who have been in their residences for five of the last eight years finally being able to kick the tires of a new house. This will mean the remodeling industry will be back in business. New carpets, shade, a new jacuzzi finally with the new house, I don’t like that color repainting jobs, needs a new roof and that is why we got the discount, let’s buy a new car while we are closing this loan also. Even maybe someone might want to buy a completely electric vehicle and get the $7200 or $5500 vehicle tax credit. (Varies by manufacturer and model.) (*9) With a deadline date of April 30, 2010 for the Purchase and Sale Agreement being signed and a closing date of or before June 30, 2010 this recovery aspect could be very well short lived. This particular bill is assuming to be just a kick-start to the economy and not a continual fix and more fix piece of legislation.

    So so far nothing seems to be what really is needed to truly get this economy going.

    Back to the Basics. For an economy to get going when it is dead some basics need to be happening. An idea or agriculture. An idea is an innovation. From innovation to happen first the creative side of an individual needs to come. So let’s you and I start to get creative. So if you are one of the individuals that want to think and be happy then you can be the one to create something which will make others happy. The item must either make someone happier and/or it must be something which will reduce the time or cost of a method of production. O.K. individual companies need to make this happen. Like Boeing creating a 787 Dreamliner. This will get the Pacific Northwest and finally the South Carolina (Boeing to Place Second 787 Assembly Line in North Charleston, SC) economies to get a little bit of a spark. (First Boeing 747-8 Freighter Leaves Factory) (*11). I guess I am sort of bias toward Boeing since he worked there prior to WW II as a mechanic. But this will only be one sector of the economy. Let’s get to a bigger part of the economy.

    Farming is one of the largest businesses every known to mankind. Where does farming come in right now. North and South Dakota have the absolute lowest unemployment rates in the United states. These both are heavy into farming. But the unemployment numbers are discounted out when it comes to “unemployment” or non-farmer numbers. For September 2009 the numbers are 4.2 and 4.8 percent respectively. (*12) With Michigan at the bottom with 15.3% our country has a wide diversity and diversity in this sense is not positive.

    So far, nothing is here to prove or to disprove the Soros hypothesis that our economy will be taking a double-dip before the recovery happens.*13-14). For more in-depth conversation about the economy and an interpretation of what George Soros might have said I always go to Alex S. Gabor website for additional information. Mr. Gabor, like the rest of us, is on the other side of the spectrum of the financial power but has a mind of interpretation to the side of a billionaire. He also is Mr. Soros’ nephew and his father was the King of Hungary at one time which is the same country of birth as George Soros.

    Back to farmer to help to disprove or to prove Mr. George Soros’ hypotheses of a double-dip in the economy.

    With the crashing of the dollar what will help in stabilizing the dollar from its free fall. Or is that necessary. With a falling dollar the products produced in the United states remain the same inside of the United states. However, with respect to foreign markets our depressed dollar becomes a haven for increasing purchasing power from outside countries. So the eventual benefits of a falling dollar may thus increase the value of the dollar.

    At the present time our agricultural basket from a national stockpile basis is zero. Do I need to repeat this. It is absolutely zero. With CCC Inventory numbers at zero with a former high of 791.2 (million bushels) in 1986-87 and the price of wheat now focusing on 539 or approaching $9 per bushel. The United states is the world’s largest exported. But can this be sustained. When our stockpiles decrease and we have nothing more to stockpile the price of wheat should be going up. This will be good for the farmers. From this point farmers will hopefully plant more wheat and thus the price of wheat will come down. As the price of the dollar strengthens then other countries may look for alternatives in other countries which will weaken the price of wheat because of over production. Maybe this will happen in the 2011/2012 timeframe though. Farmers should plant, plant, plant.

    My recommendation here is for every last one of the governors of the different states to build “state” silos so the stability of wheat as a commodity and assurances for the citizenry can be maintained. Perhaps this could also be a method whereby the states could make some money as the price of wheat continues to climb back up. Washington state has ownership of timber and this commodity for schools. For preservation of the citizens perhaps a wheat silo and production facility should be maintained as well. Some allodial lands could be created for farming purposes and perhaps prisoners could be used to harvest a crop. The grain being put into silos and the education of our children could improve. No one does not loose and in fact everyone gains and especially the prisoners and the children. Or perhaps the unemployed could make a living greater than their unemployment by farming. A style of a WPA (Work Project Act) as modeled from the great depression. No one would have the excuse of being out of work. The state perhaps is the greatest benefactor. In the Great Debates of the 1900 Governor’s race in Washington state the topic of homelessness was address. A rejuvenation of this topic but for a benefit and a service from the homeless could be achieve now rather than the situation being a headache, problem or shameful circumstance.*17

    But I myself come back to the old norm of power to myself. *18) If I have a home and a bill. Maybe I should be creative and try to invent a way to get out of the bill. Creativity would demand this if not just in frustration to giving up my work to someone else. If that someone else is demanding more dollars per hour than I wish to give back to them then a revision of ideas or work must ensue. One of the monthly bills I know you have and I most certainly have is the cost of power. If there was a method where I could afford the cost of independence then I should pursue the goal with ambivolance, no with blinders and forward motion. The website “Power 4 Home” is one such website which I have come across. As of yet I have not order the product for my own personal consumer or personal reading pleasure. Perhaps I indeed need to first buy a pare of blinders for my next low utility value product so I can reduce my cost of living so I either do not have to send taxes to the government. Or better yet, perhaps others inside of the government will send money back to me because other people are lazy. I just have to order the book and make a windmill or two and perhaps some solar panels which actually could be cheap as well. Maybe one project could pay for the other project and the next project.

    With nine banks closing in California several weeks ago and more looking like they are ripening for takeovers from the Federal Reserve to be required to be purchased by U.S. Bank in the next few weeks due to poor balance sheets is the recovery here. No way. The recovery is not here. If it were the pressure would be receding and not mounting. From above you have a lot of positive news which looks like a recovery. A now I present the ugly part. More potential for bank failures. “The closings boost the number of failed U.S. banks this year to 115. In 1989, during the savings-and-loan crisis, the FDIC closed 534 banks, or about 10 a week.” After the crash during the first 10 months of 1930, 744 banks failed – 10 times as many. In all, 9,000 banks failed during the decade of the ’30s. By 1933, depositors saw $140 billion disappear through bank failures. *19) The supply of money was the problem which produced the Great Depression. The problem was really with the banks at that time as well. The banks became too greedy and failed.

    “In this case, the changes were not the result of a deliberate policy experiment, but were instead the outcome of a lack of Federal intervention in the banking sector at a time when conditions for banks were quite perilous.”*20) From what I am seeing the banks still have not and the banking system still has not learned its lesson. From ’29 to ’33 when the first dip was completed. And now investors such as India are putting their funds into Gold. In 1933 President Roosevelt took the country off of the Gold Standard and again we were shot into a depression. Now without learning a lesson countries are trying to be reliant upon the Gold, the shiny stuff, the ancient metal.*21) A cultural reliance upon gold is one thing. But the mere buying of gold for stockpiling purposes can shift dramatically. In the Indian culture the women have gold placed upon them prior to getting married. This gold will be their personal salvation if the future husband ever decided to leave. The wife keeps the gold. O.K. that cool. An insurance policy for divorce. I totally understand that as an economic stability policy and a deterrent to the husband so he does not leave. But gold is volatile in its pricing model. Although gold can be manufactured it has not been done as of yet. When it is started the value of gold will plummet. The yield to a ton of gold is diminishing but slowly. Moreover the price of gold in relationship to other commodities is becoming overstated in relationship to other commodity investments *22) The shiny stuff is alluring but so was the tulip bulb for the Dutch in February of 1637.*23) Speculation and trying to overcome or to out smart disadvantages is why we are in this mess in the first place.

    Banks have overcharged for credit card interest rates. Banks crash. Federal Reserve and others scramble. Congress intervenes. Bankruptcies increase. Individuals start to hoard money. Economy collapses some more. Presidential orders for a changing economy. Restrictions on asset flows are tightened. Banks gobble up other banks. Constitutional mandates are disobeyed. Presidential orders and conduct have not basis in “Law” or also are “Unconstitutional”. Slow recovery starts to ensue. Production starts. Banks and other countries start immediately to speculate. Commodities are in short supply. M1 is high. Prices of commodities increase substantially. More speculation. Banks get into the act to get quick returns. Bigger banks fail. Recession recovery turns into a secondary recession. Secondary recession thus turns into a depression with over 20% unemployed. Workers dissatisfied due to no fault of their own. Federal Reserve collapses because States take over Federal Reserves functions by unifying with our States and create one currency based upon grain reserves of the states. Productivity increases. Economy recovers.

    I do not exactly see the Federal Reserve collapsing but it possibly could. I would see the states collecting back their sovereignty first and the United states collapsing with another unifying government geared more toward the benefit of the states rather than a federal system of government.

    But in the meantime. You need to get independent. How can you de-emphasize your existence from the federal government and also from the state government. Make you home your castle and become fuel independent or should I say non-reliant upon outside sources of expenses. If God is willing to give you something for “Free” then take that commodity which God is giving you and make money by sharing it with others who do not believe God wants to give you a gift. Wind and Solar. A free gift. Electricity is something which needs to be harvested and sold at a higher price. Why does the government have a monopoly on something which you have a right to as well.





    *1 and *3)

    Oil dips to lowest level since October

    Refiners operating at near-record lows amid weak energy demand, dollar



    oil demand in U.S. is down 4.5% since the beginning of the year.



    *6) Form 5405 for 2008 See updated form for 2009 later.






    *12) last modified October 21, 2009.












    Tax Credits $8000 and $6500 and Wise Home Buying, H.R. 3548

    Read more:

    King County Ordinance 2009-0393 Illegal

    November 15, 2009

    All Canadian provinces have found out that the only reason someone is getting the H1N1 flu is because they have received a H1N1 vaccine immunization. The H1N1 immunization shot is a direct killer. In the United states alone over 114 children have been killed by H1N1 since April. Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, China and Japan all are either not requiring or prohibiting the H1N1 vaccination shot from being given. This is a man made disease which originated from a vile and is directly construction from the 1918 influenza virus which killed over 30 Million U.S. citizens.

    Evidently the H1N1 flu virus does discriminate. It discriminates only toward those who have taken the H1N1 flu vaccination shot. Since the Baxter lab like companies are not liable would this mean that King County would be liable for any complications or injuries which beset the client recipient. In the United states Constitution “Relief in Law” must be provided and would this mean that the Congress or King County would have to pay for any complications. Perhaps this is why the Congress is pressing for Health Insurance coverage so their mistake is actually paid by the citizenry.

    Also, the ordinance is not in alignment with federal statutes and it is directly unconstitutional in its ordinance. Congress has the right to all Bills referring to Naturalization. Since illegal immigrants are a Naturalization situation then and only Congress can write bills protecting illegal immigration. King County needs to have direct permission from Congress in order to have this Ordinance enforceable. Working with Congressman McDermott and Congressman Reichert and Congressman Inslee and Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell for legislation needs to be done first before any type of legislation can be passed or considered.

    Also, the ordinance was illegally passed because public testimony was not completed prior to its passage at the eleven o’clock hour. Public testimony continued after the one o’clock session which I testified in. The process needs to be where the ordinance needs to be voided and re-entered with full public testimony.

    No provision was giving to attempt to have the clinic clients enter into a health insurance policy thus to mitigate or reduce future expenses to the King County Clinics.


     Also, I am working on a project which may decrease our King County budget by somewhere from 5% to 10% for next year. This will be due to incorrect calculations from prior year data which I have observed. Am trying to assemble the information at the present time and will be making a presentation hopefully by the end of the month. So cost saving measures need to be put into ordinance format and perhaps encouragement of people making or getting medical insurance would be a great cost saving idea. Obviously the ball is in your court. **********************************************


    Keith Ljunghammar


    On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 3:16 PM, wrote:

    Dear Keith,

    Thank you for your email. Ordinance 2009-0393, relating to undocumented immigrants, was adopted by the Council this week. Fully consistent with federal law, the legislation adopts the current practices of King County departments, including the Sheriff’s Office, Public Health, Adult and Juvenile Detention, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

    Under the legislation, all King County residents, regardless of immigration status, can now feel safe in coming forward to report crimes, assist in police investigations and seek preventive medical treatment, such as vaccinations, protecting the public at large and saving taxpayer dollars. King County is a local service provider and does not have the authority to enforce immigration laws or detain people – that is the federal government’s role.

     The Sheriff’s office has stated that they could not do their job if people were afraid to come forward as witnesses or victims. That cooperation is essential to completing effective investigations and protecting the public. With regard to public health, if an epidemic starts in a population that doesn’t have access to care, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to everyone. Diseases like H1N1 flu don’t discriminate based on whether or not you’re a legal citizen, and therefore, restricting access to care for some hurts us all.

    Therefore, providing this protection makes sense from a moral perspective, as well as an economic one. Again, thank you for your email. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions regarding this issue or any other issue in King County.

    Sincerely, Julia Patterson, District 5