I-409 Grassroots Volunteers

November 3, 2008
Dear Grassroots Volunteers
Below are some observations from gathering signatures. Your approaches will probably be different. If you get a signature that in itself is success. If you have suggestions or alternate or concurring observations please email or write back about your successes.
List of topics:
1) One to five volunteers

2) Banner Sings

3) Aggressive vs. Passive

4) Gun Shows vs. Non-Political Events

5) Recruitment of Extra Volunteers

6) Signature +3 or More folded petitions.

7) Craigslist and Other Lists for Recruitment

8) Training

9) Contributions vs. Donations

10) The Big Picture – Lower Costs to Government – Greater Revenue and Higher Wages.

1) One to Five Grassroots Volunteers


Seth Sundin, Laura Carter and John Moyna were each operating separately in the Greater Spokane area. Seth mentioned he would like to collect signatures with other volunteers at the same time. He was absolutely right. If you have more than one in an area then this acts as a security shield and also allows spontaneous departures for personal reasons or for lunch breaks. I always prefer a group. Greater numbers of volunteers also allow a multi-presence and thus a greater possibility of signatures. More than one also allows for one if needed to pull aside more inquisitive questioners or the recruitment of the questioners to become a volunteer.

2) Banner Sings


If you go to a known location or to events you should have a banner sign(s). A known location would be a Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot or Safeway. We can’t have a sign posted so a banner on an eight foot stick takes care of this problem. One person holds the sign with a passive signature board and the others collect signatures.

Some of the wording for Banner Signs might be:

Stop Illegals from Driving

Stop Social Security Fraud

In other situations two small tables stretched out may be more impressive and having eight or more signature boards. If any children are with the signature gatherers if allowed the children could be rooming and informing attendees of the availability of signing.

3) Aggressive vs. Passive

One person can be aggressive by yelling out sayings. The passive person might be just holding out the board with the petition clipped on it. Then when the aggressive gatherer is actually gathering signatures the passive gatherer would become the aggressive signature gatherer.

But let’s recognize that one’s individual talents for aggressiveness may not be someone else’s talent for aggressiveness. The collective idea is signature gathering and not displays of aggressiveness or otherwise. The means does not have to be the ends. What you are comfortable with should be the game plan.

4) Gun Shows vs. Non-Political Events.

Some individuals due to their group affiliations will be more inclined to sign than other non-group gatherings of individuals such as for shopping. Gun Shows have been shown to be our greatest for the gathering of signatures. They gather early and shop hard and fast. They are serious about their sport and thus serious about their signature.

But for the generic shoppers with some having no political affiliations or concerns this could be a tougher crowd. This is due to a need to get errands done or for picking up the kids or making sure the ice cream doesn’t melt.

As one is visibly seen continually at these locations a greater drawing for signatures is accumulated.

One can be standing around for fifteen minutes and getting no signatures. But then one person is signing and suddenly five or more signatures are gathered. This can happen also with one or two signature gatherers being present. With two gatherers the need to sign becomes more of a necessity. Increasing the number of boards on a table shows more signatures being gathered as this displaced a larger prior prominence of signatures being gathered. The group psychology intensifies and thus the need to supplying that signature increases.


Different approaches for different events but the continual presence at an area seems to break down resistance. Or maybe I should say continual presence accomodates the “not enough time” argument to “enough time to spare to sign”.

People at Gun Shows mentally think of themselves as perfectionists and doing thing but definitely not couch potatoes. The active approach of accomplishment translates into accomplishments of betterment fo the state through this signature accomplishment. The road to sharpshooting perfection is one bullet at a time. The same is true for the perfection of society – One signature at a time.

5) Recruitment of Extra Volunteers

Extra Volunteers are always a need for the campaign or a petition signature gathering process.

When we are gathering signatures three extra petitions should be tried to be distributed at the end of the signature. Instead of gathering just one signature this theoretically accomplishes the gathering of 31 signatures so one completed petition would bring in a potential total of 310 signatures. One hundred signatures 3100. One thousand signatures 31,000 and ten thousand signatures would bring in a completed signature petition campaign.

At the present time we have over 25,000 signatures and 45,000 petition sheets have been distributed. With 2500 sheets + completed this still shows a lot are outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Craigslist can be used in advertising for Volunteers. At the present time no funds are available for paying signature gatherers.

Locally we are using prior campaign individuals and thus you may be seeing new faces. Your own personal recruitment of volunteers will probably be the most affective though.

6) Signature +3 or More folded petitions.

Previously mentioned was an example of this effectiveness is an ICE agent cam by and we gave him 30 petitions. The 30 petitions cam back in three weeks. In this case 1 signature yielded 301 signatures. Keep track of large petition giveaways and see about recruitment as a volunteer or additional signatures.

7) Craigslist and Other Lists for Recruitment.

One of the Volunteers mentioned Craigslist as being a free source to get volunteers. A large percentage though will be asking for funds or payment for the signature gathering process. If payment does come together this will be dependant upon the availability of funds from PACs which support this project.

Currently projects include insertion of a petition into a clubs newsletter. The size of the petition is 11 X 17. If you need more for a clubs newsletter for your local area then please feel free. Please allow enough time for printing and shipping. The current clubs amount is 14,000 monthly newsletters. Theoretically this should generate 140,000 signatures. With a potential of 1/2 the total needed we cannot afford to miss this opportunity. The additional goal would be to get volunteers and donations. A secondary letter from the editor could accomplish this. At the present time funds for cost of advertising or cost of insertion is not available.

8) Training.

Would you need a little bit of training please request. A formal training or scripting function has not been produced but if you would need some training for volunteers, time allowing and traveling allowing we will attempt to get there.


A more formalized training pamphlet will be attempted to be written and inserted on the website. If enough requests are made and this becomes a necessity someone with writing skills might volunteer to do this project.

9) Contributions vs. Donations.

At the Puyallup Fairgrounds we had a jar where individuals could contribute to the cause. Every once-in-awhile someone would stick in a $1 or two. Maybe some coins. Personal information also needs to be collected for the political accounting process. Collect the name, address, city, state, zip, personal job description and the company worked for. No $ limit applies the the amount of contribution.

A donation from PACs or organizations can be collected also. Some of this is being started in Seattle.

In essence, if you spend any money, keep track of the amount. If funds are available and you have saved your receipts then reimbursement of expenses MAY happen. Depending upon the amount and the extent of expenses maybe not all expenses could be reimbursed. We all are contributing. Cost for reimbursement of petition printing will be first. Also, keep track of your mileage. Beginning, ending and total for each occurrence. Good Luck and Thanks!!

10) The Big Picture – Lower Costs to Government – Greater Revenue – Higher Wages.

When taxes are not paid by a group but services are requested this causes many things to happen:

1) Revenues are not collected which help in paying for services. Expected capital improvements to the infrastructure or improvements to schools for education are deferred. Deferment of capital improvements further reduces our capital or potential for further revenue and puts the State at a present and future competitive disadvantage with other states and countries throughout the globe. Nowadays everything is global and very little only have a local affect.

The repetitive disadvantage of lower revenues and higher expenses due to a decreased capital improvement will thus help in ensuring a lower wage. The lower wage is the offset due to the under-reliance of the capital structure which was caused by a lower revenue stream.

A sure sounding circular argument but third world countries have perfected this format.

11) “Trap-line” on a daily basis.

This I have not tried but it seems to be rather effective.

What one does is find a business or other location which would be willing to gather signatures at their place of business. They show one petition at the counter at a time. After the 10 signatures are gathered the completed petition is signed on the back and put underneath the counter. Another blank petition is inserted on the clipboard so other guests/clients/customers can sign the petition until completed. A signature gatherer comes by once a week or once a day to collect and replenish the petitions. This technique by one volunteer netted 10,000 signatures.





Keith Ljunghammar