Elizabeth Campbell – Progressive/Conservative

June 26, 2009

The City of Seattle needs a Progressive and yet the City of Seattle needs a Conservative.

In the actions of attaining this goal Elizabeth Campbell is the perfect fit for this position. All of the other candidates are either lacking in skills or ambition to seek to this endeavor.

A Progressive, if being one who will reach out to achieve goals, is one who has a desire and a need to visually capture ideas and concepts which can be usefully implemented.

None of he other candidates have or can be able to do this.

Yet at the same time, the need to capture ideas and concepts must be within the realm of realism and from a conservative base. Our economic times dictate this approach. A hands on approach. A vision. But all of this must be achievable within a practical amount of time and from a basic fundamental approach of reality.

The vision of a Tunnel with an ever expanding cost basis does not capture this need for conservative progressiveness. Mayor Nickels and Councilwoman Jan Drago do not show vision.

From candidates who are from National Telecommunication businesses and from former sports team players with other business experience only one candidate excels out as experienced enough to take on the tasks which can truly reflect the needs which our city is needing at the present time.

Elizabeth Campbell has dug up non-considered plans which the city has buried. For some reason the present Mayor and City Council members have not wanted an alternative lower cost plan to be out in the light. Progressiveness must consider all ideas as viable even if the cost is lower and it does infringe on the rights of the campaign contributors economic principles or values of aggressiveness. The city needs need to first. The rights of the contributors should not exceed the rights of the taxpayers.

The city is proposing a homeless-ness bond issue. Elizabeth Campbell has been walking this walk selflessly throughout her life and even her grandfather, our third governor, was walking this walking, John Rankin Rogers (1894; Homes for the Homeless, 1895; Free Land: The Remedy for Involuntary Poverty . . . ).

It is about time the City of Seattle again acquaints itself back to economic reality and yet realizes that institutionalized pandering to political dogmas will not be able to continue without creating a bankrupt city and society. Paying loyalty to other interests will not accomplish our goals. And taking the unthought-of plan presented by candidates who get their ideas from the same source will not accomplish our goals. Independent thinking is a necessity for our cities struggles to become reality. The collective institutionalism has weakened our resolve. The collective institutionalism of yesterday was a necessity but has grown to becoming a group of termites and thus the collective institutionalism has weakened our house. Maybe in another later election the institutions might be able to have a voice but at the current erosion of political collectivism it is weakening our resolve for achievement. Our beauty as a city must be preserved and the only one to elect is Elizabeth Campbell. Once again, we, as a City need someone who has the vision to see where reality starts and bureaucracy ends. Vote for Elizabeth Campbell for Mayor.

The basic fundamentals for a Great Mayor are with Elizabeth Campbell. With an education background in Criminal Law and Justice and a recent background in Public Administration. Her other business skills and accomplishments of building nursing homes would require organization and timeliness of administration, negotiation, bureaucratic labyrinth maneuvering, meeting a payroll accomplishments and preservation of financing.

Vote for Elizabeth Campbell for Mayor.


CFA and Investment company moving to Seattle

June 19, 2009

CFA Seattle Chapter

Was informed by Seattle Mayor candidate, Elizabeth Campbell, that from the Seattle Times reporter the Current Seattle Mayor Nickells wants to pay Russell Investments from Tacoma to relocate to Seattle. The amount of $250,000 was mentioned. Time frame for this value of money was not indicated.

 I am an Enrolled Agent and also have a dormant CFP (due to not being able yet to get around to paying the yearly dues). I prepare income tax returns in Lynnwood, Washington. I did notice the CPE education framework which you have available and I should be taking advantage of this.


Elizabeth Campbell disagrees with the Mayor in giving $250,000 to Russell Investments. She believes that if they would like to move to Seattle they can.

She believes that reducing the cost of operations of government and not increasing them should be the objective of government.

In Seattle, employing the current domestic citizens and other legal immigrants should be the objective of a government. By making things more civilized for the current legal citizenry and residents she believes we can make an environment more conducive to other companies then deciding to move or to make their home base of operations inside of the City of Seattle. The incentives for one company to come to Seattle do not outways the needs and desires of the current residents and citizens.

Knowing that your membership for the Seattle Chapter is 600 members and your base of operations is in Seattle I would agree with Russell Investments that the Pacific Northwest’s financial infrastructure is indeed centered in Seattle and not centered in Tacoma. I believe that Russell Investments should relocate and would relocate on their own free will to Seattle if the cities infrastructure is better than Tacoma’s.

You, the CFA Society of Seattle, I believe, have worked hard and diligently to create a locate certified financial advisors community and society which rivals other national societies. I have also thus noticed that Tacoma does not have by itself a CFA society.

Please inform us if this is not incorrect.

 Are there any members in your chapter who are from Tacoma as well. What is the number of CFA members that work for Russell Investments. Is Russell Investments dislocated from the other society members and thus the strength in professional correspondence is not as readily available.

 I also noted that one of your former Presidents had $2 Billion in Assets under management and this could directly compete with potential employees and capital acquisitions from investors.

Again, Elizabeth Campbell believes that making a government more streamlined and an infrastructure more conducive to the citizenries needs as a whole is the correct and best way to achieve everyones goals and desires. An artificial catapult for one company could weaken the current accomplishments of the current citizens and residents.

I personally believe that this move from Tacoma to Seattle will only be an even swap of $s for all concerned and would not have any Economic Stimulus impact.  The definite non-gainer of economic activity would be the Port of Seattle.  From Tacoma and from Seattle the airfare travel will be equal.  No stimulus here.  The only advantage might be in Seattle’s use of the RTA train from Sea-Tac to downtown Seattle.  The use of Seattle’s downtown conference and hotel community would have an impact.  Seattle would be a better financial climate for Russell Investments but what would we get for $250,000 in exchange.  They probably would come here anyways.

 Please advise,

 Keith Ljunghammar, EA

 Elizabeth Campbell 4 Mayor, Treasurer

Mayor Nickels and Sonics

July 11, 2008

Mayor Nickels – The Seattle Sonics – and the Viaduct are now intertwined. With the settlement no new team will come to seattle for the next ten years if the Viaduct is to be torn down. Projected traffic gridlock for 10 years will guarantee this. If he still wants a Sonics team and tourism during the Vancouver, B.C. Olympic no tear down can start until after the Games are over. Mr. Nickels has on purpose or by accident demanded a retrofit. With the State Legislature budget deficit and Mr. Nickels now requiring $300 Million the only option available to the State is a retrofit and an extreme Budget Cut by the State Legislature. Moonwalking in politics does exist and Mr. Nickels has turned out to be a better dancer than Michael Jackson.

If he had done this years ago the retrofit would have been completed by now. Maybe even Boeing and the Sonics would still be in town.

Keith Ljunghammar, Candidate for 46th Legislative District Representative, Position 1