Obama has cancer and will rest around Christmas

November 17, 2009

President Obama has cancer.  This story was broken by SCAN TV on All Day Live over three weeks ago by Dr. Mount.  The Globe newspaper just printed the news today.

Obama’s addition to cigarettes is finally taking affect on his body.  He has:

1)  Cancer in the bottom of his lungs and it is migrating.

2)  The cause is from a chemical irritation of the tar from cigarette smoking.  The chemical irritation will require Kemo Therapy and about eight weeks at this time.

3)  Presidebt Obama does not eat well and need to modify his diet significantly.

4)  The President is nutrient deficient. 

Also, President Obama will or should be taking a vacation around one week prior to Christmas.

The above was transposed from a conversation with Dr. Mount.

The question is will Vice President Biden now beccome the acting President during these particular times of difficulty for the President.