King County Ordinance 2009-0393 Illegal

November 15, 2009

All Canadian provinces have found out that the only reason someone is getting the H1N1 flu is because they have received a H1N1 vaccine immunization. The H1N1 immunization shot is a direct killer. In the United states alone over 114 children have been killed by H1N1 since April. Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, China and Japan all are either not requiring or prohibiting the H1N1 vaccination shot from being given. This is a man made disease which originated from a vile and is directly construction from the 1918 influenza virus which killed over 30 Million U.S. citizens.

Evidently the H1N1 flu virus does discriminate. It discriminates only toward those who have taken the H1N1 flu vaccination shot. Since the Baxter lab like companies are not liable would this mean that King County would be liable for any complications or injuries which beset the client recipient. In the United states Constitution “Relief in Law” must be provided and would this mean that the Congress or King County would have to pay for any complications. Perhaps this is why the Congress is pressing for Health Insurance coverage so their mistake is actually paid by the citizenry.

Also, the ordinance is not in alignment with federal statutes and it is directly unconstitutional in its ordinance. Congress has the right to all Bills referring to Naturalization. Since illegal immigrants are a Naturalization situation then and only Congress can write bills protecting illegal immigration. King County needs to have direct permission from Congress in order to have this Ordinance enforceable. Working with Congressman McDermott and Congressman Reichert and Congressman Inslee and Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell for legislation needs to be done first before any type of legislation can be passed or considered.

Also, the ordinance was illegally passed because public testimony was not completed prior to its passage at the eleven o’clock hour. Public testimony continued after the one o’clock session which I testified in. The process needs to be where the ordinance needs to be voided and re-entered with full public testimony.

No provision was giving to attempt to have the clinic clients enter into a health insurance policy thus to mitigate or reduce future expenses to the King County Clinics.


 Also, I am working on a project which may decrease our King County budget by somewhere from 5% to 10% for next year. This will be due to incorrect calculations from prior year data which I have observed. Am trying to assemble the information at the present time and will be making a presentation hopefully by the end of the month. So cost saving measures need to be put into ordinance format and perhaps encouragement of people making or getting medical insurance would be a great cost saving idea. Obviously the ball is in your court. **********************************************


Keith Ljunghammar


On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 3:16 PM, wrote:

Dear Keith,

Thank you for your email. Ordinance 2009-0393, relating to undocumented immigrants, was adopted by the Council this week. Fully consistent with federal law, the legislation adopts the current practices of King County departments, including the Sheriff’s Office, Public Health, Adult and Juvenile Detention, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Under the legislation, all King County residents, regardless of immigration status, can now feel safe in coming forward to report crimes, assist in police investigations and seek preventive medical treatment, such as vaccinations, protecting the public at large and saving taxpayer dollars. King County is a local service provider and does not have the authority to enforce immigration laws or detain people – that is the federal government’s role.

 The Sheriff’s office has stated that they could not do their job if people were afraid to come forward as witnesses or victims. That cooperation is essential to completing effective investigations and protecting the public. With regard to public health, if an epidemic starts in a population that doesn’t have access to care, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to everyone. Diseases like H1N1 flu don’t discriminate based on whether or not you’re a legal citizen, and therefore, restricting access to care for some hurts us all.

Therefore, providing this protection makes sense from a moral perspective, as well as an economic one. Again, thank you for your email. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions regarding this issue or any other issue in King County.

Sincerely, Julia Patterson, District 5


Still to do/Illegal immigrants/junker credit

July 1, 2009

I still need to follow up on the old junkers and the economic stimulus which they could help with.

Also, with reading the U.S. Constitution there is an article in one of the San Francisco newspapers about illegal immigrants and loopholes in the law for underage illegals who commit crimes.

The U.S. Constitution specifically holds these laws to their creation only by the Congress and enforceable by the President via the Militia.  Either the State or the using of the State Militia by the President to enforce ALL laws pertaining to naturalization.  I will spell out later specifically what I am refering to.  Have to get to a meeting 44 miles away and the traffic is usually bad to leaving at 4 to go 44 miles and be there at 6 p.m. 

This illegal immigrant thing is out of hand.

See my post about the King County Council and proposed ordinance 209-0393 and the reference to line 9 and below this is a reference to the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8 and wording relating to naturalization.  aka illegal immigrants and/or undocumented aliens.

ACLU suggestions adopted in new wording for I-1043

March 4, 2009

What the news release does not indicate is that part of the credit should be going to La Raza.   La Raza was also part of the law suite with the ACLU.  The stronger wording will enhance the Initiative. 

My thanks to the ACLU, La Raza, the Thurston County Judge and also the Washington State Attorney General for all of their continuing efforts.  A stronger initiative wording is a clearer initiative wording.



Media Release


Leon Donahue, Secretary Respect Washington
Phone: (206) 935-3505
PO Box 65488, University Place, WA 98464-1488

March 2, 2009


ACLU suggestions adopted for New-Improved “Respect for Law” Ballot Title

Today the Washington State Secretary of State issued a revised Ballot Title for Initiative to the People No. 1043. (pdf of AG’s advisory to SS attached)

To improve understanding by petition signers and voters come the November 3rd General Election, the ACLU challenged the Attorney General’s original ballot title composition. The improved wording now reads:


Statement of Subject: Initiative Measure No. 1043 concerns public and private enforcement of immigration laws.

Concise Description: This measure would require state and local agencies to enforce federal immigration laws and verify immigration status to issue driver’s licenses and public benefits. All employers would have to “E-Verify” employees’ immigration status.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]


This measure requires state and local agencies to assist in enforcing federal immigration laws. All private and public employers would be required to “E-Verify” immigration status of employees, subject to loss of licenses and other penalties. It would require verification of immigration status of applicants for many public benefits. Nonprofit organizations would be prohibited from offering employment services without proof of immigration status. Issuance of driver’s licenses would be prohibited without proof of immigration status.

I-1043 legislation differs only slighty from that also filed by Respect Washington in 2008 as I-409.

Refinement from I-409 include the requirement that Department of Licensing allow the Tribal Identification Card as an acceptable form of photo ID in drivers license applications. Also, the expiry of the Washington State Drivers Licenses must occur no later than the expiry date of any alien VISA. The need for stricter care by DoL’s was brought to light after it was learned that many of the 9-11 bombers traveled on valid state-issued drivers licenses even after their VISA’s had expired.

The four major pillars of I-409 remain in I-1043:

1. Empowerment all public employees to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities despite obstructionist “sanctuary city” polices in some local jurisdictions.

2. Empowerment of all employers (public, private and union halls) to verify work authorization through the US Government’s E-Verify online program. Over 100,000 US employers now participate in E-verify as their protection against the presentation of false identification documents. Since the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Amnesty ALL employers have been required to collect this same information on paper Form I-9. (“E-verify” is a taxpayer-funded Social Security Number verification tool of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services branch of the Department of Homeland Security which every employer is today encouraged to voluntarily use without charge. See

3. Mandate to local government to verify legal presence through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program (similar to E-verify) prior to the gifting of taxpayer-funded benefits. Such public benefits would include tax rebates proposed by Governor Gregoire, lottery winnings and university education dollar grants to illegal aliens.

4. Mandate to Wash. St. Dept. of Licensing to verify legal presence through SAVE prior to driver’s license issuance. (After the Democrat-controlled Oregon Legislature and Governor outlawed issuance to undocumented aliens in 2008, Washington State remains one of the few states that still abets the presence of illegal aliens be issuing them drivers licenses.)

I-1043’s citizen sponsor is Mr. Wendell Hannigan who is a leader in the effort to restore law and order on the Yakama Reservation. In recent years Yakama Nation lands have become plagued with crime surrounding the drug trade. Mr. Hannigan expressed relief that, as of today, citizens of Washington State have a weapon in the I-1043 signature petition to fight the growing corruption.

“A combination of corrupt, willfully-ignorant and unwitting employment of illegal aliens has ballooned the population of illegal aliens inside the United States to a level where corruption has become institutionalized for pure profit and political power.”

“If we are a nation without laws, then we are a nation in chaos. Under the current chaos all future generations will suffer an environment of Third World corruption as is now murdering thousands annually in Mexico.”
Respect Washington’s goals for I-1043 are:

1. Reduce political party and government corruption now exploding under a racist spoils system.

2. Reduce the Washington State Budget Deficit by over $600 Million now taken from law-abidding taxpayers annually to subsidize that illegal presence of aliens and employers who prey upon their slave labor.

3. Protect the jobs of lawfully-present American workers.

4. Reduce mounting gang and drug violence that flourishes in partnership with human smuggling.

5. Improve educational opportunities for all citizens and lawfully-present aliens enrolled in Washington State public schools.

6. Improve the social safety net for all citizens and lawfully-present aliens.

To earn a place on the statewide November ballot I-1043 supporters must collect 241,153 signatures by July 3rd, 2009.

Signature petitions may be downloaded from or ordered through