Obama says U.S. not in Bankruptcy and indirectly proves Birth Certificate Issue still a Valid Question

September 12, 2009

With President Obama stating in his speach to the join session of Congress two days ago that if the health bill does not pass then the United States will have to file for “bankruptcy”.  What does this mean.

If we are not in bankruptcy as the above wording does positively indicate then we are out of bankruptcy.  If we were in bankruptcy then we would be dictated by a democratic or a national socialist agenda.  With not being in bankruptcy we according to our constitution must be governed by republican ideals and not democratic ideals.  And by republican vs. democratic I am not refering to a party but rather a style of government.

Under the original constitution and under a republican form of government the ideal of the constitution can be enforced.  The qualification of being a natural born citizen and proving the qualifications of such as are required.  Without being a qualified President the duties or “Acting as President” transfer to the Vice President which is Vice President Obama.

If we are in bankruptcy then we would be governed by the bankruptcy courts or the holders of credit which would be the European bankers, the Illuminaty and the Chinese government.  Unfortunately a government run by creditors would be adversarial to the continuance of a republic because this would be counter to the bankers profit motives and thus also resulting in being counter to american citizens.  As  a United States citizen we do not have a choice in the matter but as an american citizen we do have a choice in the matter.

The “You Lie” comment on the floor of the joint session of Congress was both enlightening and refreshing to hear.  We need more displays of Congressmen truly expressing their opinions and beliefs.  Only after “True Confessions” and of course balancing the budget can America heal itself and become an enduring republic once again.   

Politics and a little economic stimulus can go hand in hand if developed properly and to the goals of the citizenry.   

Maybe what our economy needs is a little bit of alternative politics instead of alternative energy.  Or perhaps the definition of alternative energy is alternative politics.  Keep that political energy going but in the direction of the american citizens benefit.


Rep Jim McDermott Town Hall Meeting answered one question

September 3, 2009

On September 1, 2009, Representative Jim McDermott of the 7th Congressional District in Seattle, Washington on the Campus of the University of Washington at Meany Hall for the Health Care Town Hall Meeting only took one, yes, 1 question.

How do I know this.

Questions which were gathered were on 3 X 5 inch cards and Mr. McDermott was given questions on 5 X 7 inch cards.  I was in the front row.  He read about four and answered four to the audience. 

Many questions from the audience of about 800+ were asked.  But, and this is the reason why I say but, there was a code to who was supposed to be picked for the questions which Mr. McDermott would answer.  A combination of a Nazi 45 degree raised hand and a communist raised hand was the signal.  A closed fist and a Nazi open hand was the singled.  But instead of being an outstretched open hand the first two fingers were out and the last two fingers were tucked under.  Simplistic yet unsuspecting.  They also had three cards with them instead of only the one 3 X 5 card which were handed out outside to the audience line they the questioners had 5 X 7 inch cards as well and three cards each.  I am assuming this would be just in case the questions had already been asked by someone else. 

The surprising aspect of the brownshirt technique here for occupying time was that after the question was asked the questioner would walk outside to the lobby area and leave.  Normally someone would wait to ask the question and then leave but leave to their seat.  These people left not to their seat but to the outside of the back doors.  There was a set of mikes on both sides of the aisles as well so no excuse here.    

Heckles were plentiful during the initial history comments of where we are in the health care process.  This was obviously set up as a repeat of the Nazi Brownshirts technical to intimidate and disorient other prospective hecklers.  Was most liberals do not realize is that conservatives want to hear both sides of an debate and determine their final decision on all facts and circumstances.  This obviously was and historically has been a technique of the far left and was extremely predominant in the Nazi Party Brownshirters in the 1930’s and 1920’s. 

One lady did get a questions through however.  She did not raise her hand upright with the palm out but had here palm out with a 45 degree angle.  Her question was original, in my opinion, because that was the only question which Mr. McDermott wrote down prior to answering the question.

Next time, Mr. McDermott answer real questions.  If you really do not know the answer just say you do not know the answer.  Do not rely on Brownshirt techniques of deception.  Say the answer to a question will be included on your website. 

Duh!  Do the right thing. 

QuestionOne:  Since the Veterans Administration is collecting and permitted to selling Veterans Medical Files around the world to anyone through the University Medical system what is to stop anyone from finding out what the Minuteman Launch codes are from a Veteran who had access to them through deception medical knowledge trickery.  An example would be someone who might be allergic to peanuts and then getting the veteran drug after inserting peanuts into their food so they are weak and asking them about three or four of the launch code numbers.  This is both a national security issue and a health privacy issue. 

Question Two:  What is to prevent selling of records also in the same fashion of Military personnel to the highest bidder and getting the DNA records of the Military personnel.  A weapon currently could detect the DNA pattern and with a flip of the switch eliminate the entire force facing an enemy.  What is their to prevent this from happening.     

You see Mr. McDermott hardball questions can make a bill stronger and not weaker and at the same time strengthen our national system.  There are reason for the current system besides just money.   

Next time, stop wasting the time of 800+ american citizens or united states citizens and answer real questions.