Brownshirts and the Long Knifes or History Repeating

August 27, 2009

Some  issues with the Brown Shirt’s seem to be repeating themselves.  Is this just coincidence or human nature.  Whatever the cause is attention to details and possibilities need to be carefully scrutinized.

First, I looked at a story concerning the brownshirts and the day of the Long Knives.

The History Place

The Triumph of Hitler.

“Many of the working-class men who made up the SA truly believed in the ‘socialism’ of National Socialism and wanted tograb their share of Germany’s wealth, at the expense of someone else, and if necessary by force.”

“The Army agreed to provide weapons and transposrts, but would remain in their barracks and let the SS handle things.”

“By June 25, the German Army had been placed on alert.  All leaves were canceled and the troops were confined to barracks in accordance iwth the secret Himmler agreement.”

Believing that he was in danger of losing everything, Hitler sent Goring back to Berlin and authorized him to begin plans to put down the SA and the conservatives.  Himmler’s SS was also put on full alert.”

“SS  execution squads along with the Gestapo and Goring’s private police roared through the streets hunting down SA leaders and anyone else on the prepared enemies list (later called the Reich List of Unwanted Persons).”

” Kurt von Schleicher, former Chancellor of Germany and one-time master of political intrigue, who had helped topple democracy in Germany and put Hitler in power.  He was attempting a political comback, possibly at Hitler’s expense.  He was gunned down in his home along with his recently-wed wife.”

“…seventy-seven had indeed perished.”  

“If anyone reproaches me and asks why I did not resort to th eregular courts of justice, then all I can say is this:  In this hour I was responsible for the fate of German people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the German people!” 

“The Brownshirts ceased to be a threat to Hitler and over time all but disappeared into the regular Army after Hitler re-introduced military conscription.”

Yes, the above was one method of consolidating power.  Treachury, piousness, deceit, power, murder, mayhem, debotchery, sex, lust, ambivolence, and of course greed.  What more could you want.  A football game or a rugby game.  Some would say their is no difference.  An internal civil war which echoes across the borders.  The first to go were the homosexuals, and the leaders.   The pawns were left to themselves.  However, the pawns were the initial instigators of the destruction.  The brownshirts.  Were they acting in defence or were they just hulligans.  Were they social changers or disturbers of the peace.  Were they thugs or forceful enforcers of the norms of a civil society.  Are their any current countries which are looking like this. 

Heated arguments between the President and/or leader/Secretary of a department.  (Obama and cabinet leaders.)  Killing to finalize the enforcement of a rule.   (War of the Roses, between the House of Stuart and the House of Windsor which continues to this day.)  Not wearing clothes which everyone can tolerate (no belt on a pair of pants so they bag to the knees).

Can the working-class believe in socialism or health care.  Is this trying to grab a piece of the wealth of a country at the expense of the country or is this at the expense of someone else.  Germany did not have that much wealth at that time but was getting more prosperous.  Was the capitalists class withholding medical comforts or health benefits so they could get further ahead.

Do we need a preventative law which says soldiers cannot be detained in their barracks without any cause.  What is to prevent this from happening again.  Would the deployment of seven out of ten aircraft carriers to the other side of the world in essence be the same creation as isolation in barracks.  They are out of the way and cannot fight the opposition in time. 

Can a middle of the road liberal fight conservatives and ultra liberals at the same time.  After all, does this really mean their is no middle ground.

Airlines have an enemies list.  If an enemies list which contains radio talk show hosts, should this be a warning that political problems might be melding out of control.  Can a radio talk show host really be on a List of Unwanted Persons.  Great Britain seems to think so.  Is something internal happening that no one really knows about.

Political people or prosecutors dying for unapparent reasons.  Should we be alerted when this happens.  Should this be a National Police Investigation or a Local or State Police Investigation. 

When Nixon said he was the law was this just a repeat of Hitler’s speech  or was this really a notice that inside forces were at work beyond his control which could have even involved the judicial branches. 

Brownshirts, when worn at Halloween was this a code word to internal political unrest or uncertainty in the Monarchy.  Was this really a statement of rebellion or a code word to signify unrest in the Queens Court.  Afterwords we saw waving of flags of the House of Stuart and not from the House of Windsor at Queen Elizabeth’s latest birthday celebration.

When we have a rogue element capture three SCUD missiles on the high seas but they are not white which would be the required color for a sea based missle something is not right.  Curiously the missles were taken from a $2 million load of logs off of a rogue vessle.  This vessel traveled through the English Channel which is 23 miles at its widest point and it could not be visually seen passing through and all of the satellite detection was turned off.  On top of the White Cliffs of Dover I myself was able to see France.  Is the eyesite of Englishmen not that good any more.Is there a problem.   Where is the security.  Any stealth ships available.  Were all of the countries satellites out of commission.

If the three nuclear weapons are in Virginia who has those now.  Are there any rogue elements in the United States which are trying to grab power.  Do they think they are defending the United States or are they trying to defend their territory as they previously had under another administration.  The SS were loyal to Hitler and the SA were loyal to Rohm.  The military or army was loyal to yet another facton or government leadership.  With a yet unsolved mystery of a birth certificate are some elements of the military loyal to other forces which they do not know they should be loyal to.  Are they loyal to the Constitution and until the resolution of the birth certificate they cannot be loyal to the President but they are holding back because they must be loyal to either their governor or the People.

What is going on? Can anyone really answer this question with definity.


Vice President Biden should Act as President

August 16, 2009
Vice-President Biden should Act as President
According to the wording in the U.S. Constitution, Vice-President Biden should be “Acting as President”. Yes, no kidding. This is his duty and his right. President Obama has not shown his Birth Certificate. All his Certificate of Live Birth is proving is the eligibility of age has been accomplished.
It is the duty of the President elect to prove his eligibility and not for the Congress or the Court to have to guess at whether someone is “qualified” to be President or not. The wording in the Constitution is pre-supposing that the questioning of qualification for President and for Vice-President would be tested after the election process. If the testing is met prior then that is great but the Constitution only is addressing the issue of qualification after the election process has been made. The Constitution is addressing the President elect and the Vice-President elect to find out if they are qualified for the position.
Let’s get to the wording of the U.S. Constitution in Amendment 20, # 3 which was ratified on 01/23/1933. Since the first part is addressing if the President or Vice-President die I will not include that portion.
…., or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.
First, let’s look at the possible sequence of events which possibly could be involved.
1) Has the Congress, in its infinite wisdom? as of yet established any rules or regulations in the process of defining qualification. By qualifications I am assuming, Article II, Section 1.
… No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.
… Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:– “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of My Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
The preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States involves removing from Office those who are not qualified to be in Office. The need to proving the qualification is not up to the People to prove but up to the Officials in the various Offices to enforce by the mere heeding to the words which have been sworn to or affirmed.
Thus from the above President Obama should either prove his citizenship by providing a birth certificate showing he is a natural born citizen or remove himself from office.
Thus in the same manner Vice President Biden needs to ask the President for proof of citizenship and if not provided he need to produce a letter and notify the leaders of the House and the Senate and as a courtesy present the letter also to the Supreme Court Justices and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Thus after they the above have read the letter. The Constitution does not allow for a debate in this matter. The proof only is in the presentation of a birth certificate. Without a birth certificate President Obama is not a qualified President elect.
If I were to go to school and say I have my homework at home in a safe that only I know the combination to and then ask the teacher to give me an A++ for the homework I would be laughed at by the teacher. But if I get a note from my parents that states I did the homework and they saw me put the homework in the safe but would not be handing it in what would the teacher say. In like manner so should the citizens of the United States laugh at President Obama when he says that a note from his doctor who did not deliver him but that he is only acknowledging that after three days he say me. Wherein everyone knows that in three days one could fly half way around the world. A better comment might be that the “dog ate the homework”. In this later case then I believe the teacher would give extra time to redo the homework. Now, let’s put in another scenario. The parents are Principle and the teachers knows how the next years contract talks are going. The economy is slipping and some teachers might need to be laid off. In this scenario the student would be given an A++ with a little bit of after school verbal testing or just eliminating this from the final grade calculations.
Show me the Birth Certificate or get out of Office.
2nd. President Obama on his first day in Office and his first Executive Order was to literally put his Birth Certificate in a Safe where no one but himself had the combination to open the safe. He has made it illegal for anyone citizen to see his Birth Certificate from Hawaii. Perhaps this is because it does not exist. If I cannot have it in my hand then it does not exist is my conclusion. And if it is not in my hand then President Obama is not qualified to be President according to the Constitution.
Now, let’s say Vice President Biden does step up and he does become a Man and live by the Constitution. Mr. Biden does not move up to the permanent position of President. The Constitution does not allow this to happen. If a President elect is not qualified to be President then the Vice President elect moves up and Acts as President. The way I am also reading this is that the Vice President is not removed from the position as Vice President and thus he also is still the President of the Senate. Thus this would be the only time when someone would concurrently be President and Vice President. The selection of a a qualified President should then, in my opinion, go back to the candidates who ran to determine which is the next one that is qualified.
The qualified Presidential candidates would then be weighed by Congress and one would be put forward as determined to be qualified. I do not see any allowance here for the Electoral College process to be re-instated or for Electoral College members to be consulted. The Constitution only allows this once after the election process. The Electoral College members flunked their class in essence but no allowance for a second Electoral College group is contemplated in the Constitution.
So, if Mr. John McCain was entered as being the qualified President then none of the democrats would be voting for him. The democrats would also contend that Mr. McCain was not a viable qualified candidate because he was not a natural born citizen. The law for determining would be adjusted so this would not be the case. Or is the next one Mr. Ron Paul. None would be voting for him as President either. So then what actually would happen. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
If nothing happens, then what could happen. Since Mr. Biden knows the above would be the results and he would in all cases remain the Vice President and the position of President would revert to someone else who would not be in alignment with his perspectives and political agenda, Mr. Biden would not enforce the 20th Amendment to the Constitution.
Let’s go to not next November but the following November after 2010. If the elections put the Democrats in a minority then the Republicans I would be assuming would be in a majority. In this scenario then Congress would force the issue and state that Mr. Obama was not the President and then force Vice President Biden to act as President as well. While the issue is being debated and fought Mr. Obama would be petitioning the Supreme Court for clarity on the situation. The Courts would state that Congress has already stated that Mr. Obama is a “natural born” citizen and the court would rest on Congresses determination. After all, the majority in the Supreme Court now is liberal leaning and this would be in their best interest. Eventually Congress would either determine that Mr. Obama needs to produce a birth certificate or they would elect a President who is qualified to the Office of President. Mr. Biden would remain the Vice President. If the Senate does not have a broad margin but rather a tight margin or a Democratic margin then in the next two years nothing will be going through the Senate to the President or to the House for signatures or for debates.
But after two years will this be too late to enforce a Constitutional issue to arise. It just may be. But if the economy is sour this could be the only solution. Perhaps at that point the People may demand this Constitutional question. This question could also be a debating point in the November 2010 election process. “Show me the Birth Certificate”. Could this be the 2010 Cry. Freedom is precious, let’s preserve it.
Mr. Biden what are you going to do. If you have not seen the Birth Certificate then enforce the Constitution. After all, you did swear that you would.
“So help you God.”