No more American Grain Reserves

November 7, 2009

It seems that the American Grain Reserves have slowly been disappearing. 

Dr. William B. Mount noticed that grain shipments were leaving Tacoma Ports late at night.  The grain was going into small ships.  How can a small ship take grain to a foreign country.  They are taking the grain off the coast and dumping it.

Then Dr. Mount checked the internet.  The Phillipine web servers had information acknowledging that the American Grain Reserves are gone.  Just about every country but the United states internet  servers are showing this.  Not the United states though.  

Cause:  I believe this is to balance the federal government budget.  The federal will get a premium from other countries.  We will help in balancing our budget.

Results will be:

1)  Higher grain prices just by the mere announcement of draining our Reserves.  This is due to uncertainty around non-reserves.

2)  Not only will the price of grain go up from not having reserves but speculators will increase the price.  This will stimulate farmers to increase their production of the grain crops instead of the corn crops.  This will increase the price of corn due to the old supply and demand configurations.  High maintained demand and lower supply due to farmers planting alternative crops.  The higher price of corn will allow foreign producers of fuel to increase the price of “oil per barrel”.  This will stimulate higher needs for alternative fuel sources.  Round and round it goes.

3)  Price of cattle will increase due to increase price of grain and now of corn.  Cattle really should get grains and not fat corn.

4)  Windmill alternative fuel source will increase.

5)  Price of bread in France and Germany will increase to $6 as per Dr. William Mount prophecy.

6)  U.S. dollar value will decrease due to uncertainty of workers stability of production.

The problem:  The easiest and cheapest alternative fuel source is not even an alternative fuel source.  It, however, is a home improvement credit.  Calk the siding on your house at the bottom.  Go completely around your house and on every piece of siding.  My brother did this in the ’80s and only had to use one cord of wood and $85 for his electrical bill for the year.  Yes, I said year. 

Get a tax credit for the cost of the calking in 2009.

I have heard of another technique of alternative fuel which reduced a heating bill from $5000 down to $85 per month.  The inventor of the system sold it for $100,000 to an oil company.  The real question is why for such a cheap price.  The oil company put the invention on the shelf.  One and only one application of the process was ever done anywhere.  One of the system installers told me about this debacle.