Financial Crisis II

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock they set up a system whereby the strong and the weak shared equally in the bounty produced during the prior year.  After many deaths the next year the families which produced the most kept the most. 

Communism was tried in America.  It has been proven to fail.  This bailout plan is a direct repeat of the first year experiment at Plymouth Rock.  If a set-up from a free market system is set-up this will make America stronger and the individual stronger.  The strong produce and if they want to help the weak then that is up to the individual or private organizations which get contributions by the individual.  At Plymouth Rock the strong produced more and all collectively produced more.       

No bailout for the weak.  They really won’t die but actually they will become stronger and not weaker.

The free enterprise system worked at Plymouth Rock and the weak were stronger and produced a minimum for themselves.  The strong produced more than what they individually needed for their family.  Abundance succeeded from the free market system and abundance failed from the communistic system of sharing equally.


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